the gift of friendship

When I started blogging in January I had no idea what I was doing or how long I'd even be able to stick with this new blogging adventure. I knew I wanted to explore and expand my creative skills. I slowly started finding blogs that never failed to inspire me or just give me a great big smile. Behind those words were wonderful women going through their lives, creating art, working, raising families, changing litter boxes, shopping, cleaning, laughing out loud and sometimes crying, just like I was. And they also started to find me. Before I knew it I had a warm circle of friends to share these things with. This was the biggest and nicest surprise blogging brought me. I can sit at my computer and in a few clicks I'm at a lovely tea party with all of you. Dreaming, creating and sharing bits of our lives for a moment or two.

This week I received 2 awards from 2 of these lovely ladies.

This came from Justina at La Boheme Magique.
In the short time since we popped into each other's Mad Tea Party post
we found so much we had in common that we quickly got to be friends.
And because one of the things we shared was a love for the movie Practical Magic
in only made sense that we cohost a blog party together! She's a lovely creative
spirit with a gypsy soul that shines through her blog.
Thank you dear Justina.

And this sweet award came from someone whose blog I've always loved.
If you haven't been to Do These Shoes Match This Purse you simply must!
What a treat to get one from her! Maggie is amazingly witty, creative and frank and
she should really be writing a book about her life. She was also one of the
first people to comment on my posts when I was starting out and
always her encouraging words puts a big smile on my face.
Thank you sweet Maggie.

I have some fun things to share and a few people I'd like to pass these
awards to which I will in just a bit. Right now I have a 13 year old asking
to go to the library which is a request I never turn down. I might not get
to pass these out till after the weekend but I definitely will.

Have a sweet and creative weekend everyone!


Leanne said...

You give such joy in return, dear Anna! Congratulations on two very well deserved awards! You continue to inspire me - and every time I visit your blog, a smile appears on my face and I DO feel like I'm sitting with a dear old friend having tea! It's one of the loveliest visits around!!! Congratulations, again!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved blog awards! i love coming here to visit you - your work makes me smile, as do your words. :) Hope you enjoy the library and have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

Debbie's L'Bri said...

Bless you for being so sweet.

Carousel Dreams said...

Congratulations on your lovely awards x

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Congrats on the awards, your blog is beautiful and sooooooooo inspiring. Never pass up a kid that is willing and wanting to go to the library!
cheers, dana

Kiki said...

Congrats!Yay! I am glad you are blogging..keep shining..keep creating ..keep sharing your magic!

Tales from the Deep South said...
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Tales from the Deep South said...

Congratulations Anna~ You deserve it. You are truly inspiring and warm hearted!!

Justina said...

Anna ,
I am so glad we can continue to inspire eachother !! :-D
<3 always
La Boheme Magique