frida kahlo

About a week ago I borrowed these from the library. Although I always knew about Frida Kahlo and her significance in the art world I wasn't too familiar with her story and her body of work. I started to notice that many artists were doing Frida inspired creations so I decided to learn more about her. What was absolutely uncanny was that I didn't have time to watch the videos until yesterday which was to my surprise, Frida Kahlo's 103rd birthday!

One video is an excellent PBS documentary which includes lots of interviews with people who knew her including some of her former students. The other is a 2002 movie starring Salma Hayek as Frida. The film's cinematography is stunning. It captured the bold vivid colors of her world and had lots of references to her art. I thought Salma Hayek was beautiful as Frida and she and the film were nominated for Best Picture and Actress. What I also really love was the movie soundtrack. Haunting and lyrical Spanish guitars and also festive Mexican pieces. I think I'll see if I can find it on Ebay.

Frida died at the age of 47 and in her too short life created such a prolific body of work. Her art, which was so personal it was shocking during her time (and perhaps still is), was almost always inspired by her personal experience with pain, love and loss. It was at times disturbing and horrific yet brutally honest and hauntingly beautiful. She was such a fascinating passionate soul. Her relationship with her artist husband Diego Rivera was tumultuous yet profoundly romantic. I understand now why she continues to inspire artists, rebels and romantics. Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo.


Leanne said...

I can't believe that I haven't seen the movie - but you are now inspiring me (and reminding me) to rent it. I must (sounds like something I would really enjoy and get something out of!)

Also - I LOVE your blog background! How did you do it? Drop me an email if you have a chance and let me know if it was hard (I've got the header thing down, but the background is my next avenue to try - I just haven't yet. I'm a little unsure of how to do it ...must research!) Hope you are doing well!!! Thinking of you!

Justina said...

I got your comment ! WOW ! I'll have to check out that documentary! I loooooove the salma hayek movie! Julie Taymor did a GREAT job with directing it! Watching Frida's paintings come to life on screen is a real treat :-D It's so nice to see appreciation for the arts.. I thought it was neat that Google gave her a little shoutout on her special day...

By the way , I'm loving the new header ! very lovely !

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Amber Leilani said...

i had the opportunity to see a HUGE body of her work in san francisco two summers ago... there aren't words to describe how breathtaking her work is. i stepped in to the room and just started crying. i couldn't believe i was there. if you really want to learn more about her, read hayden herrera's biography, which the movie,FRIDA was based on. her zest for life - which she had even with all the physical and emotional pain she went through - is astounding!