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Another windy Saturday here in Tomatoland. Weather has been so weird. Next week we are suppose to be in the 90s but with thunderstorms. Are you having unusual weather where you are?

OK, I just love discovering silly and new things that inspire me, or that just make me smile. Last night I discovered a whole bunch of new fonts on the Blogger design page! I love fonts as you might know. Who knows how long they've had these fonts available, I haven't checked the design page in ages. But there they were and I thought that was just too exciting.

This morning, while munching on buttered toast and hot cocoa, I looked through the new Where Women Create and fell in love with artist/designer Denise Allen Robinson. I looove her clothing designs and her story.

She creates knitted, comfortable and whimsical pieces she calls "girly for grown-up girls" and it's just how I love to dress. Her designs are pricier so I'll probably never own one of her pieces, but the look is based on mixing up vintage with urban and adding a touch of whimsy and frill. And the more rumpled and crinkled, the better!

I also love that she didn't  discover her passion until almost in her 40's and now in her mid 50's, she has found success, all while following her passion and looking fabulous without having to 'dress her age'.

I'm going to go and raid my closet today to unearth some of my old thrift shop finds!

You can visit Denise at her website Neesh by D.A.R.

Here's a little collage I just finished, thanks to lots of inspiration from my son, my friend Marfi and my favorite Hogwarts student, Luna Lovegood.

Have a lovely girly, pudding filled weekend!


Linda said...

Hi Anna, here in Michigan our weather is weird too. 2 days ago it was 86 and sunny. Today is 59 and rainning. Strange...
Your collage is great. I wonder what the key unlocks!

Cameron said...

I'm enjoying our cooler weather....I hope it won't be as brutal as they predict :(

Oooo, I'll have to go check out the Bloggy might be due for a little sprucing :)

That art piece is wonderful, Anna! I adore all the rich colors, the wonderful saying and especially love the spider webbing on her dress! Lovely!

Incipient Wings said...

i love how this turned out! and Luna is my favorite student too!!!!!!
weird weather here? i'm not sure..but it is rather windy, there are micro bursts and damaging dust devils...for this time of year i guess its kinda strange.
have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Colorado: 55 and gonna rain. We had snow two days ago.

LOVE your painting...who wouldn't lust for pudding?

AND the clothing you featured by Denise is funky and boho and FUN. The sweaters that are long really would be cute with tights!

Thanks for sharing. Your breakfast sounded yummy!


artistamyjo said...

Michigan weather is for the birds. Too cool, little sun and rain!
Love your paintings and pudding too. Hugs, Amy

BLISS angels said...

hI AnnA the FOnts loOk wonderFUL I MUst checK thEM ouT... The PAINTinG Is MaGIcal and I THInk you SHould ALwaYs haVE PUdding Frist AT evERy Meal.. HugS WEndy

Fran. said...

Well I think I am the third blogger from Michigan to comment! and yes today our weather is chilly and rainy. Jeans, t-shirt and hoodie kinda day. I haven't seen the new "Where Women Create" but LOVE the clothes you have shown. You are so right we can just go to our closets and mix it up a bit. Your collage is so cute and whimsical. Anna you are so sweet and talented. Thanks again for getting me to challenge myself with your artful bag challenge. XO Fran.

Heathen said...

It's been muggy and stormy here in Florida, a sure sign of Summer.

Those clothes are brilliant! But way out of my budget too.

Your collage is beautiful as always. You're so talented and creative!

Margaret said...

just delightful! mx