frosted petunias scented candle?

Last night one of those Glade home fragrance commercials came on while my son was watching his Myth Busters recording. Usually he fast forwards through all the commercials. You have probably seen it. (I couldn't find a video to post.) The same Glade lady walks into her house. Lights her little Glade candle and as she looks in the mirror she's transported into this magical autumn woodland. She's basking in the golden autumn sunlight and leaves swirl all around her. She starts twirling around and then she's back in front of the mirror and her husband is teasing her about her little pirouette. It's for their new fragrance called Cashmere Woods.

My son actually watched it and then he said 'Look mom it looks like your blog!' So I had him rewind it again and I thought...actually it does. At least it does in the way that I'd like to think you might feel when you come here. Like you're escaping into an enchanted autumn woods with toffee colored leaves and lemony stardust sprinkling all around you....

Remember I made this little collage for this post? And you are still welcome by the way to use it for your desktop wallpaper if you like. Just click on it for the bigger image and save to your computer. It was this post that inspired me to come up with my Halloween tea party. Long before I even dreamt of starting my own blog I would search for witchy tea parties and dream about having one.

I thought of having a real one but most of my creative friends that would appreciate something like this live too far away. Then I discovered blog parties. And wonderful amazing bloggers like you who don't think I'm odd (or maybe you're just happily odd like me too) because I obsess about an old movie about witches or that I put ravens in my chandelier before October.

I  snuck my tea party post in with the PM party and I didn't get to officially invite everyone. I know some of you already signed up and I'm just so wonderfully excited about it. With so many Halloween blog parties going around next month you would think I'm a bit mental to add to the fray. But I just love Halloween and I couldn't pass up celebrating my first All Hallows in blogland without a proper tea.

So this is my official invitation to you to join me for a Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon. And yes it is an actual full moon on that date which is why I chose it. Now October is absolutely mad at my house. It starts with a trip to our fall Ren faire (hopefully this weekend if the weather cools down), then my son's birthday and I've filled all the other weekends with as much Halloween as I can.  Most of the events involve some kind of dress up which is normal for me. To again quote my nearly 14 year old son... "You always look like you're going to Diagon Alley anyway."

So I am actually planning both my tea party post and my post for the Fanciful Twist Halloween Party now and I'm hoping to have both done at the same time. Although they will be completely different from each other.

Utter madness? Yes.Sheer lunacy? Of course! But this is my season. I live for autumn and I'd rather fill it to the brim with all the pumpkins, leaves, teapots and pointy hats I can grab and then take a break the rest of the year. Yule and Christmas are for family.....although I can't resist a frosty winter wonderland...

Anywhoo. I hope you can join me for tea and even if you can't this time I hope you still feel like you might have stepped into that Glade commercial when you come here to see me. I truly love meeting all of you amazing, enchanted and kindred souls.

You make my life magic.


Scrap Vamp said...

Well, you are right about that commercial looking like your blog! Love the candle image that you renamed and added sparkles to, btw! And I am so glad to be signed up for your Halloween blog party! Have all ready started planning for it!

Cellar Door said...

GladeTidings, my friend! Yes your son so recognises right: your blog is a wonderland enchantment!

Netty said...

Beautiful picture, so magical. x

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Oh man, you can probably tell from my blog that I love tea! What with just about every other post involving tea in some way. I too wish I could have a real tea party, but I don't know anyone who would come, so I am so happy that you are hosting this Halloween tea!! I am super excited, yay!!

Papillon Bleu said...

Your son's coment was so sweet! how old is he?
Oh Anna, how I wished I knew how to make digital collage.

Leanne said...

I don't understand the candle ... I mean, it always smells like pumpkin spice and cinnamon when I visit this blog!!! ;)

LOVE the tea party .... I would love to link up and participate, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't have a clue where to begin pulling off a tea party as you do! So, I think I will just enjoy yours from here!!! (And if I ever get to Tomatoland, I'm expecting a real live tea party with you!!!)

Incipient Wings said...

It does look like that commercial, how funny, he sure is sharp...
Funny as it sounds, your blog is very soothing to jangly a quiet room.
i love it
Oh,I will be joining you for tea m'lady!!!!
1.because I think it sounds delightful and
2.because I can't wait to see what you come up with:)

Have a lovely day

Feathers and Flight said...

What a Beautiful Post Anna! I would Love to Have Tea There!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Do I smell cashmere? In the woods? Yes. Count me in on the party! I can't wait! I will post your button asap!
PS Please come over to my spot and put in for my 100th Post ends Friday evening.

Laura said...

oh how i wish i could participate in this...unfortunately I won't be able to sign up for your tea party this time (or vanessa's halloween party) but I'll be visiting to see what everyone does. hopefully i'll be able to sign up another time.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

okay - I am in... not sure what I'm doing but had so much fun with your PM blogparty - how can I not try this! Halloween tea it is!!!
See you on the 23rd!
cheers, dana

Linda said...

Oh how I wish I could join you...duty calls me for other things. I will be there watching it all develope into whimsical and amazing photos.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

That's just too funny! I signed up for the Halloween Tea Party just last night and put your link on my sidebar. Looks like I'll be pretty busy planning some fun Halloween themed festivities!!! :) Theresa

Kassandra said...

I found casually this video and remembered something I had read on your blog years ago... it´s funny, isn´t it?
Hope it brings you joyful memories, following you since now!