stretching my wings...just a bit

Last week I received a most wonderful package from Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness. I won her 200th post giveaway and the prize was the delightful movie Julie and Julia. I'm still trying to sneak a few hours to watch it. (Thank you again Leanne!)

When the package arrived not only did I get my movie but Leanne included other amazing, drool worthy, smile making items. I will dedicate a whole post to it with pics and everything as soon as I get my camera back.

One of the things I received was a package of die cut shapes. I just love all the different images (flowers, birds, letters, vintage things and lots more.) I added a few to 2 collage paintings I've been working on since last week. I think I'm addicted to these little cut outs!

Both of these pieces are on 8x10 flat canvas. A mix of paper, paint and pencils. I'm still learning how to do faces and figures but I had lots of fun doing these.

Never Too Late is still my favorite theme.
I added more color to her face along with the cut outs.

Drawing faces always intimidated me but once I realized I
could erase or paint over mistakes I had so
much more fun with it!

Did I already say Thank You Leanne? I mean THANK YOU!


Maggie said...

What a wonderful picture made from terrific prizes! I love what you're doing!

Bossy Betty said...

How sweet!! Love that Leanne!!

Leanne said...

Awe, Anna!! I LOVE that you used the die cuts for these projects!!!! You know what is so funny? I actually had purchased those die-cuts for myself a few weeks before, and when I opened them, I thought, "These are SO Frosted Petunia!!!" They just reminded me of YOU! Really. So, when you won the 200 prize - I just knew I had to purchase another set for YOU! This is such a lovely post and I thank you for your lovely words. And seeing your use of the die-cuts makes me SMILE!!!! Happy Weekend, dear friend!!!

Sparkster said...

Congratulations on your win!

Anna it is just so hard to believe that you only started doing the collage techniques. I look at your pieces and think you've been doing this for ages, you're that darn good at it! I just love them, love them, love them! They really make me smile and having a love of birdcages well.... they're purrrrrrfect!