make a wish

Do you remember making a wish when you were  a kid?And all the little rituals you did to help your wish along. Blowing out all the candles on your birthday cake, tossing change into a water fountain (usually  the one in the mall) or wishing on a shooting star (which was more often than not, an airplane).

When we lived in San Francisco one of my cousins told me that whenever we drove through a tunnel I had to hold my breathe and touch the top of the car with one finger. This would of course guaranty that my wish would come true. (I was about 10) Some of the tunnels in SF were pretty long and I remember getting light headed a few times trying to hold my breathe until we came out at the other end. We did it so often that to this day I'll hold my breathe whenever we drive through a tunnel and I always make a wish. Sometimes I'll even touch the top of the car with my finger (if I'm not the one driving). And I still can't hold my breathe all the way through the really long ones.

At 6 or 7 I wanted to shrink so I could play IN my dollhouse. At 8 I wanted to fly and at 9 I think I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I liked her bracelets. Of course the wishes that needed the most tending were the ones where I wished a boy I liked would crush on me too. I got really good at holding my breathe by then.

Today I still make lots of wishes. Some silly....I wish HGTV would come and give my house a makeover. Others genuine and heartfelt....and I can't tell you those because I want them all to come true. I've heard about some very interesting wishing rituals over the years but none of them stayed with me like the holding your breathe through the tunnel one. What rituals do you do to make your wishes come true? Care to share a wish or two?


Carousel Dreams said...

Mine is an old standard...I always wish on stars, especially falling ones. Also, if one of my girls has an eyelash fall on their face, I always make sure to lift it off with my finger and blow it away, while making a made me giggle with your tunnel story - my girls always lift their feet off the floor of the car whenever we go over railway lines, and hold their breath when we pass by a cemetary, he he...

Karen said...

I always drempt about having a tree house in my backyard when I was around 6. Now I wish this for my youngest!