first day of summer

It's the official first day of summer today! The summer solstice. The longest day and the shortest night of the year. Officialy beginning at 7:28am EDT.

Here in Tomato Land it's a shockingly mild, gorgeous day. Yesterday for Fathers Day we went out for lunch with our visiting company (mum and dad in law, sister in law, her soon to be hubby #4, and 2 sons from hubby #2). The weather was insanely perfect. Low 80's with an ever so slight cool breeze. I had to pinch myself. June temps here are usually in the upper 90's and even topping 100 by the last week.

Now the birds are singing, company's all gone home, my house is still semi decent after the mad cleaning I did the last week and I can still draw the curtains to let the sun in rather than blocking out the intense heat.

I've been eyeing these beautiful glass dispensers for a while and each summer I start looking for one I might like to get. This beautiful weather has me thinking about them again. I know Target and even Wal Mart carries similar ones. I thought I can even use one to store ribbons after the season. So I'm prying myself away from the computer and going out to enjoy this first beautiful summer day.

Hope your day is beautiful too in your neck of the woods! Happy sunny, sweet ice tea, pink lemonade, first day of SUMMER DAY!


scrapwordsmom said...

You enjoy, too!!

Leanne said... I want a lovely glass beverage dispenser, too! Awe, gees! But, is it wrong to put margaritas in it? ;)

Hope you are staying COOL and enjoying the day! Thinking of you!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Great stuff !!! still laughing! Love the dispensers too.!