petunia's dreamcatcher

This is my favorite so far. I think I'm starting to find my own style so I don't feel like I'm just imitating another artist. I still love the angel/fairy theme like Kelly Rae Roberts but trying to make it my own instead.

This is also paper, paint, pencil and Leanne's die cuts on 8x10 flat canvas.


Maggie said...

Oh she's a really cute one!

CC said...

Ohhhhhhh Anna..
How talented you are. This is absolutely's sweet,and perfect..and so beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it Anna! She does have that dreamy quality. And I like that she is more simple, like her dress. Great job!

Miel Abeille said...

Magical! Absolutely magical! Once again, Anna, you created an amazing piece of art. Congrats!

Sparkster said...

This is so whistful. Her expression really makes the piece and those clouds. It's almost unreal in it's color. I love how you added the snow dashing over the photograph on your blog too! For some reason I've never noticed it on your blog. Did you just add it or was it just my browser or my silly eyes? lol... hehe and would you mind sharing how to do it so that I can play copycat and thrill myself?

You're a natural at this!

Junibears said...

Your work is sooooooo beautiful! I love it. You have a style all your own.

Karen said...


I truly think you have found your niche. You go girl! I love your work!