a beautiful mess and being a geek

Whew! I did my photos today for the Where Bloggers Create party this weekend. Since I'm also getting ready for company my house has been upside down with all the moving around I'm doing. My creative space has taken on a life of it's own the past few months. I've already recycled 2 pieces of furniture from storage to add to my little work space.

My son was also working on an art project while I was doing my 'photoshoot'. He had his stuff spread out on the floor. Paint and glue scattered everywhere. At one point he said 'We should really have a studio!' I laughed and agreed with him completely. This is always one of my absolute favorite moments. My son and me with all our creative stuff out just making a beautiful mess.

That reminded me of something from long ago that's always stayed with me. Back in my younger days. Waaay back. My friends and I decided we wanted to learn how to make hats. We found a local milliner who made them by hand and went to her house for lessons.

I remember walking into her house the first time. It was crammed full of stuff. Art stuff, hats, fabrics, paint. There wasn't a corner that didn't have a project going on. Her place was colorful, whimsical and over the top. Her son was also an artist. I can't remember what he did but he was very cool and had his stuff everywhere too.

My friends thought it was a bit much. I think they were much more overwhelmed than I was. I remember thinking 'How cool!' I want to be just like that one day! And here I am today. Slowly finding myself turning into that lady that left such an impression on me years and years ago.

I haven't quite let my house get to that point yet. I'm a bit of a neat freak so my mess has to be somewhat organized and manageable. Nothing motivates me to reign in that mess like having our yearly visit from family from out of town. Of course in the past I hadn't discovered blog parties yet so all I had to worry about was fluffing and cleaning. And these parties happen to be the same time everthing else is going on. But I wouldn't miss the Mad Tea Party or Where Bloggers Create party for the world. And I can't wait to share it all with everyone.

*  *  *  *

I was visiting Karen Valentine's site earlier. She's the one doing the WBC blog party. She posted about this fun photo editing site and I had to share it here. It's called Photofunia. You can upload any of your photos and add different effects to it. It's too much fun. Here's two I did with some of my stuff.

I'm famous!! Go and check it out.


Anonymous said...

You and I are in synch chica...lol. I have been working on my photos for the WBCII party and also did some photos in photofunia. Isn't Karen's Blog just amazing also?

scrapwordsmom said...

What a fun site!! I am so looking forward to that blog party...I am so inspired by where woman create.

I am enjoying your blog. Found you through my friend Leanne's blog:)

Leanne said...

I love that story about the milliner and her space...I, too, would have felt right at home there. I think I'm wishing for a big creative place to live, but have given in to the norm right now. Ah, but there is the DREAM of a creative space that I still have!

And I'm so veryvery LOVING that Photofunia!!! I've not seen that before, and I screamed OUT LOUD when I saw your ART in the pictures!!!! SO SO SO COOL! Looks like I needs some more play time on the computer tonight!!!

Maggie said...

What a wonderful moment with you son- he sounds adorable!

And I can't wait until the party to see your space!

And I LOVE what you did with your pictures- that is great.

(And we're having company this weekend as well. the attic is going to be full for a few days. icky!)

Sparkster said...

It's always such fun to come see what you've created and written when I come stop by each week. From the story of the mop that made me grin, to your new piece which is soooooo wonderful, to imagining the trips to the milliner and hearing the joy your son has creating with you. Everything is just such pleasure. Those are the most adorable aprons!! I've played with the Photofunia, but never with any of my art. Hehe that has me wanting to play all over again ... and man oh man does yours look good blown up so big on a wall! Vibrant and smile inducing!!

I'll be adding the bird rescue link to my blog as well. I hope you and your son have/have had fun doing the rags. :)

Btw, how do you get prints from your paintings to look so good? I've thought of selling some watercolor prints before, but have never had much success print wise with my own scanner.

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