99 and counting

One more post before the big 100! And it worked out that 100 will be the one about the Mad Tea Party.

I just went back to look at post #1. My blog was originaly called Cupcake Alchemy and I thought I would blog about all things cupcake. Real cupcakes, crafty cupcakes and cupcake places. But I soon learned I wanted to blog about other things. Mainly my journey finding my inner artist.

So I changed to Frosted Petunias. The frosted part is a nod to the cupcakes and all things sweet. Petunia is a name I've always liked. Silly and whimsical but also pretty like the flower.

This is the first pic I posted. It's a cupcake I had at a local place called Cupcake Craving. It was lemon and very yummy so I try not to go there too often.

Hope to see you Saturday at the Mad Tea Party!


Leanne said...

Happy 99!! I'll stop by to celebrate with you on Saturday! (oh, and for the record, I LOVE "Frosted Petunias" and am so glad you decided to share your inner artist journey with us!)

margaret said...

Congratulations on getting to your 99th soon to be 100th! great feeling huh?! I wish you many more wonderful posts! Margaret