one eyed blogging

You think it's a cactus but it's not. It's my left eyeball. At least that's what it feels like since I've fallen victim to the great Allergy Plague that seems to have infected anyone and everyone I know. I don't usually get bad seasonal allergies. A stuffy nose and occasional headaches and that's it. I blame the Iceland volcano. No offense to anyone if you happen to be from Iceland.

This spring has been really bad. People I know who usually don't get allergies are suddenly making frequent visits to the antihistamine aisle at the local CVS. Box of tissue, Power Bar and 99 cent package of linguine clutched in one hand. The other hand desperately searching for that magic cure.

Mr Petunia is an allergy expert. Not through medical training but because he's been plagued with allergies ever since he can remember. On the rare occasion that I fall ill to any allergy related malady he can't wait to give me a quick diagnosis. I think he actually starts to drool. He then proceeds to go through his cornucopia of remedies until he emerges victorious with the perfect one for me.

I am a lightweight when it comes to pharmaceuticals. I suspect this is why Mr P likes to experiment with me just to see what kind of reaction I produce. Ones that are non-drowsy knock me out. Claritin actually makes my skin dry. After trying a few brands we decide that Zyrtec works best with the least amount of side affects.

So before the cactus in my eye decides to develop offspring I better go and take my Zyrtec and get on with my day. Tonight my friend Miss V is having us over for dinner. She makes the best Indian food in all of Tomato Land I think, so I'm really looking forward to it. AND I get a break from pizza night. Yay! Hopefully my eye and I will both be cactus free.

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