bob the builder and friends

Bob the builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the builder
Yes we can!

If you have a young child or if your child was a toddler during the last 10 yrs or so you know who Bob the Builder is. The little UK import can-do construction worker and his assortment of builder friends. Seen on TV, books and various forms of merchandise in the kids department of most major store chains.

When The Kiddo was a little little guy he loved Bob the Builder. He couldn't wait for the show to come on and when it did he would start singing along, his little plastic Bob standing close by. Every now and then he would leave Bob for me to find as a surprise. Usually in a cupboard or jar. Sometimes in the fridge next to the pickles. He would hide and wait for me to find Bob and I would say

Who put you in there silly goose?

And my Kiddo would come out with a big smile trying to hold in a giggle, squealing

I did mommy! I did!

Then he would go off and retrieve Bob and plot his next big surprise. This went on for about 2 or so years with me delightfully finding plastic characters in unexpected places. Gradually the little figures stayed longer and longer and one day the Kiddo and I discovered Harry Potter. The yellow construction hat was replaced by a wand and 'Can we fix it' gave way to 'Expelliarmus!' Many of his plastic comrades eventually moved on and found loving homes elsewhere.

These 3 however, took up permanent residence in their last hiding places. Bob the Builder now lives in my craft cupboard. Next to the stapler, pen holders and rubber bands. Mr Chicken retired to a candle cupboard and smells curiously of Vanilla, Mexican Cocoa and Sweet Pea. And Blue Man has been happily living in my makeup bag for the last 8 or 9 years. He's flown on airplanes, gone camping, even went to Vegas. Each time I get a new makeup bag he goes right in with the mascara and lip gloss.

I love these funny little guys. Reminders of sweet old days when my Kiddo delighted in making me smile. Of course he still likes to share some of his treasures with me. Only now they're in the form of a new widget or application he discovered online. And those delight me too. After all computer geekiness is in our blood.

So back into their cupboards and makeup bag these guys go. Quietly building and clucking and ....umm, blue-ing. I still can't help smiling whenever I see them and once in a while I'll say

Who put you in there silly goose?

(Bob the Builder property of Hit Entertainment)

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