collage obsession weekly challenge

Happy Mother's Day! If you're visiting for Pink Saturday my entry is right below this post.

I joined the weekly collage challenge at Collage Obsession. This week's theme is 'Mother' appropriately enough. I just discovered it so I'm joining very late but still in time for Mother's Day.

This is the original image for the challenge.
Marcus Gheeraets the younger's painting
"Barbara Gamage with six children"

And here is my digital collage
with a Frosted Petunias twist.

click to see larger image

I had fun with this collage and thought of how her children
are a mother's most treasured blooms. This mom has a garden full!
I 'grew' mom's head which I thought made it more whimsical
and also anchored her better in the composition.

Some elements are from the Rich Collection by Linda Bavin.


Susie Jefferson said...

Great collage! I love your treatment of what could have been a very difficult subject. Very nice detail re the lace at the bottom, too.

Bossy Betty said...

Love the collage and your own special twist too!

Angie said...

Cute collage.