doodles from tomatoland

More doodles and another banner change. Woke up feeling very odd this morning. Not in the best mood so I went for a walk with Miss V. I felt better but still had the urge to fall into a rabbit hole. And stay there. I finished my rosey cupcake doodle from last night then started drawing what started as Alice. Falling. It's not quite Alice. But maybe it's sort of me. Anywhoo...there they are on my new banner. I still feel odd. Not in the good way that I like being odd. But in a strange way like I'm searching for something. Will have to figure it out.

P.S. Where the heck is Tomato Land you ask? Here in the capital city of California we are known as The City of Trees (second only to Paris we're told) and also as The River City. But we locals fondly call our city Sacratomato and they really do grow tons of tomatos here. So hellooo from Sacratomato California. Tomato Land!


Bossy Betty said...

Hope you find what you are looking for. I love the doodles!

Leanne said...

There must be something in the cosmos going on ... I wasn't quite myself today, either. Hmmmmm ... But, I absolutely love your new banner. Always find inspiration here when I stop for a visit, Anna. Even on cranky days, you manage to bring a smile out of me! Have a great night!