daydreaming in tomatoland

Well I've thoroughly changed things around here and I think that's part of what I was looking for. A change.

The doodle and daydreams theme surprisingly proved to be very enlightening. I've  been trying to figure out what my creative 'thing' is. I have a bad habit of comparing my work to other people's work. Usually people I really admire. Then I start to feel doubtful. Inadequate. Insecure. Uninspired. And it all goes down from there.

I like to craft and make sweet pretty things. But only every now and then. I don't think I'm sweet enough and sometimes I start to feel lace overload. I've done mixed media collage and lately I've tried to push myself to learn new techniques. I think I'll gain more confidence as I go along.

What I really like is Photoshop! Taking pictures, editing them and telling a story. And I like to doodle and create graphics in Photoshop. So for now I'm going to follow what I like. Doodling and daydreaming.

You can see the doodle part everywhere and here is a bit of daydreaming. I've had it tucked away in my blog for a while so I thought I might share it now. You can find it here.

Hint: Turn your volume up just a smidge.


Miel Abeille said...

Hi Anna,

You aren't the only one who compares themselves to other artists. I'm guilty of that, too. It's a wretched cycle! Your art is amazing!

Bossy Betty said...

Love your artistic side!

Karen said...

Wow Anna, I truly admire your doodles. Ever thinking about starting a line of greeting cards? Love em'!

anna @ frosted petunias said...

Thanks ladies! Karen I've thought of doing something like that. Maybe I'll look into it again. Thanks!