four months four days and counting

This morning I noticed the little counter at the very, very bottom of my page was at 4 months and 4 days. My wee little bloggy is 4 months and 4 days old today. Nothing extraordinary. Certainly not the 1 year marker worthy of cupcakes, sparkles and delectable giveaways.

But for me this is a mini milestone. Without my noticing and as I happily posted away to post number 80 and slowly filled my little Follower window with 51 smiling faces I made it past the crucial 3 months and 3 days marker.

What's the big deal you might ask?

In the past, 3 months (and approximately 3 days) is usually the amount of time it took for me to become utterly bored with my latest new thing. A project, new decorating theme, new haircut. Sadly I have been that fickle more times than I care to admit. I even tried blogging twice before but never went anywhere with it.

So what's different this time?

Before I even signed up for my Blogger account I really thought of why I wanted to blog. What was the whole point I asked myself. How would I stay committed and keep myself interested? What did I hope to gain?

And that reason was I wanted to go on a creative journey. Find my inner artist and nurture my soul. It sounds cliched I know.

The difference is that this time I'm blogging as me. Not a me I fancied myself to be. But just me. Mom, fledgling artist, chocoholic, warts and all. And that has made all the difference. I can honestly say I love blogging and the community of amazing people I've met in bloggy land. I've learned what type of a blogger I am which is surprisingly different than what I started out to be. And I'm learning so much more in every way. It is truly exciting I must admit.

So today I'm celebrating 4 months and 4 days of being a Frosted Petunia. I thank all my bloggy friends for the inspiration and for coming along on this journey with me. I can't wait to reach post #100 and hopefully before I know it I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with all of you!

And now dear friends I ask you this question: Why do you blog?

I'd love to hear your story.

P.S. Oh and I finished my collage journal too. Yay! I just need to find the little eyelet thingies for the holes so I can tie the pages together. I'm using little pipe cleaners right now and Luna keeps trying to pull them out! Silly kitty!


jsimplylive said...

Yeay! This is a great milestone to be celebrating! Blogging is so personal that if a milestone is special to you it is great to share it with the world! Congrats!

Leanne said...

Happy 4 Months and 4 Days, Anna!! What a wonderful post about the journey you have been on - I love it! I, too, tend to throw myself into projects and things, only to discover I loose interest. However blogging has been different for me. I think I started blogging, seriously, after watching Julie & Julia (I KNOW!) I think I felt like i just wanted to put my thoughts out "there" (somewhere). It has been therapy for me. And the best part of it (and the part that I never even considered when starting) is the wonderful friendships I have. Truly. I am inspired by the stories of so many incredible people I have met in blogland. People who I can laugh with, cry with, create with, and dream with. People I have never met. That's a pretty cool thing. :) Love the post today... and congrats again.

bad penny said...

well congratulatisthen ! I love the cake.

I saw a friend's blog & decided to start one but his was very specific - he tells stories & it's not personal. I thought - who'd want to read about me ? So I decided to blog about geting hens..... but now I blog about anything !

THen I saw all the artisti talen & it inspired me to get backto my art work but I wanted to keep the two seperae soI started a econd blog - one for chat & one for eye candy

I have met some wonderful people through Blogging.

Carry on because - your blog is lovely xx

bad penny said...

sorry for mistakes - I had to rewrite the whole thing as it got lost and I did it fast !

LV said...

You just have been initiated. I would have never had a blog, but my neice set it fro me and called told me to get with it. I have struggled more than You an imagine with this. I still do not know or understand a lot about blogging, but do love it. I have made so many wonderful friends and get the biggest kick our of the comments. I am happy you decided to do it and sticking with it. You are doing very nice job. Keep it up. I am glad I found you and added you to my list of many blogging friends. Only down to all this is, it takes a lot of time.