pink saturday treasures

This week I have treasures to share both old and new.

First is my Easter gift from my very own Easter bunny (aka my sweet mom).

This pink leatherbound beauty of all of Lewis Carroll's works!

Not only Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass but earlier stories as well.

I'm literally tickled pink!

I can already see a little tea party in the garden, or a picnic in the park with a basket of sweets and my treasured tome.

The inside cover features colored illustrations which I don't believe are the original ones by John Tenniel but definitely in the same style. The illustrations in the stories are the ones from Tenniel.

Have any of you seen the movie yet? I've been trying to go for the last month. Even today. But life happens so I'll try again next week.

My next treasure is an old but delightful one none the less.

While I was digging in my linen cupboard
out fell this wee pink bag of beads and baubbles....

Sequinsed trim, ivory pearl and pale silver spheres went rolling down the hallway. All waiting to be pounced on by one eager kitten.

This bag is at least as old as my son (13) or even older. It came from my favorite fabric and millinery shop which sadly closed its doors long ago. I think these were from my costume making days when I made my own garb for Renaissance faires.

Now they're perfect for something sparkly and new....

Yes I caved and picked up the last copy of Crowns and Tiaras from Joanns. To my surprise I was told they did take coupons for books and magazines.

They took my Michael's coupon for 50% off! Big woohoo!!

So my bottles of pink glitter and fairy dust wait patiently
while I pour over each mouth watering page.
There are so many pretty ones to choose from.
I suspect I'll come up with my own. 

If you've ever considered coveting this book GO GET IT!!

You'll be tickled and inspired!

* * * * * * *

Lastly I'd like to introduce someone new to Pink Saturday.

Erika from Le monde d'Erika

She's a young lady from Romania
who has a very sweet blog about things she likes to create.
She is also fond of all things Paris and French which I have a soft spot for as well.
Stop by and say hello!

Thank you again to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.
Don't forget to stop by her place
for more pink loveliness!

* * * * * * * *


LV said...

A great feature for Pink Saturday. I really enjoyed all you shared. I appreciate you stopping by my place as well.

Martha said...

What a great book -- leatherbound AND pink!!!! Don't you love Alice in Wonderland --

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Pink Day, Anna! Pretty book! In case you didn't see my email yet, I received your beautiful tags and have posted them on my PS post today. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.


Birgit said...

Your new book is fabulous! :)

Happy Pink Saturday!

Greetings from Munich,

Patricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you!
It is a beautiful sunny Spring day
in Upstate, New York. I enjoy all things, Alice! I am happy to have found your beautiful blog - please have a wonderful new week.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Nice book...thanks for sharing it with all of us! Happy Pink Saturday:)


Kdottie Designs said...

Love your blog and your book! I did see the movie and it is fantastic! I would like to see it again just to see if I missed anything! Happy Pink Saturday!

Petite moi said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you too dearest Anna and thank you so much for featuring me.
Your pink treasures are just too precious, I love them! Books and beads are definitely two very important things in my favorite things-list and if they have something to do with pink, all the better, hahah!
Have a blessed Sunday!
Can't wait to see what you show us next Saturday,

Regina said...

Such a gorgeous looking book. Love to have one. And lovely pinkies!
Happy PS!

Holly said...

That book is beautiful and oh so very pink and lovely...what a great gift! I really need to get that Crowns and Tiaras book...I need a glittery sparkly fix.