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I'm not really a pink person.

At least that's what I would have said if you asked me a few months ago. I've always loved autumn colors. Pumpkin, spice, paprika, espresso, rust. Autumn is my favorite season. I'm the Queen  of Halloween.

But every spring I find myself drawn just a little to the color pink. It starts to tease me. The flowers, pastels, Easter colors filling the racks at the stores. I think of Paris in spring and in my mind it's pink. I usually use it sparingly in my decorating. Maybe pick up an accessory or two.

This year I've decided to embrace pink and it's here to stay.

I've been soaking it up everyway I can. I realize it's what's been inspiring me all along. That along with blogging which has been just mah-velous (thank you Beverly and Pink Saturday). And of course there's my favorite magazine, Where Women Create, the one that really started it all. I was constantly drawn to lots of   pink filled feminine creative spaces. I loved pink when I was young and the last time I was crafting and selling, most of my creations were some shade of pink.

So tops on my list of what inspires would be.....PINK!

Feeling a little pink overload? I'll get back to this in a bit.

This weekend I went to a local Antique Fair. It was raining alot so most of the vendors cleared out early. I picked up a few things I couldn't resist.

This book of vintage sheet music from 1939 for $3

Vintage postcards and a sweet blue tea towel with crocheted trim....

and just as the vendor was about to pack it up this charming little vintage enamel pin for $2.50! Sometimes it pays to get there at the last minute.

I attatched the pin to this metal frame I found at the thrift shop for 99 cents a year ago. It was in a not so vintage shade of silver so I painted it antique white and used it to hang my favorite necklaces and earrings in the bedroom. I've decided to move it out to my craft corner so I just painted it this bright shade of aqua the other day. I love it with all the pinks and it goes very well with this delicious find....

A vintage framed print from the Mother Goose nursery rhyme The Queen of Hearts. This was a thrift shop splurge which to me is anything over $10. But I love the frame and her sweet little pink dress and tights and shoes. I'm sure it was meant for a little girl's room but it's perfect for MY little girl craft corner!

I decided the Queen of Hearts needed a friend. She looked a bit lonely all alone up there on my wall. So I dug up an old wooden frame I've painted at least a dozen times and painted it again.

I started tearing up pieces of tissue and paper.

Dabbing pink here, blue there and lots of white which covers up boo boos that you can't erase because the real world doesn't work like Photoshop and sometimes I wish it would.

I was inspired by my favorite Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova (the image here is the same one you see on my banner) and by Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist whose artwork and blog I adore.

 Miss Pavlova will join the Queen of Hearts on my wall where I can look and smile at them and be inspired while I play with more paper, glitter and glue.

Is this post getting too long?

Everything came together you see. The vintage sheet music. Anna Pavlova. The old paper doilies from the thrift shop. The pink German wired ribbon and the paper coffee filters I dyed last Easter.

I crafted this little vintage inspired paper posy holder. To hold a Mother's Day card, sweet paper roses or bits of old lace. I'm making a few for a small craft fair I'm doing in a few weeks and I'll also be listing them in my Etsy shop soon.

And now I must stop with my rambling. I see outside the weather is beautiful in that cloudy sunny way that I love. We had lots of rain the last 2 days. I must get cat food for Luna and people food for Mr Petunia and my Boy Wizard and cook it all up later and watch my recorded Dancing with the Stars from last night. Because it's a guilty pleasure I share with my mama (go Evan!)...but don't tell anyone I said so.


joanna said...

I've always considered myself an autumn kind of snuck up on me too this year. I never would have thought that I would one day love pink! Love the paper posy holder.

Leanne said...

So beautiful! I love what you did and what you do! LOVE IT! Oh, and I have to tell you - I picked up a tiara last week. It's now my new laundry crown and will be worn each time I do the laundry. My husband thinks I'm nuts - but he's used to me! You are my inspiration! ; )

LambAround said...

I was going to say, it certainly looks like you are a pink person to me!
I started out the same way with burgundy. It's everywhere now!

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