gypsy dreams

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. We went to visit our families, ate lots of delicious food, were blessed with endless hugs and kisses and returned home safely after a 2 hour drive in the rain.

It's always nice when my husband drives because I get to sit back and daydream. I've always liked roadtrips. I have a wanderlust spirit that comes from growing up in a military family that moved all the time. I'm fascinated by RV's and love to go camping so I always check out the RV's driving by. Being on the road also lets me daydream about my other love.

Original image source unknown.

Gypsy caravans or vardos! When I was a little girl ( well, I'm still little) we lived in a small town in the Philippines for a few years. It's the town where my parents are from and where some of my fondest and most magical memories happened. My 'lola' (grandmother) had a house that sat on top of her shop on a busy main street. I remember watching festive church parades and happy groups of market shoppers passing by on any given day. One day a caravan of  covered wagons strolled by with sellers hawking colorful wares hanging and overflowing from noisy carts. I was mesmerized! It was everything I loved. A portable home a movable shop, being on the road and billowy, colorful clothing! Over the years I became fascinated with gypsys and vardos which remind me of those caravans I first saw. I truly dream of having one sitting in my backyard one day that I can use as my workshop and hideaway.

If you happen to live in the south of France you can order your own vardo from artist Jeanne Bayol who restores and decorates these magical jewel boxes. Her book Les Roulottes is filled with images of vardos she's restored. The book is very hard to find. I've just located one in Canada and it's a bit pricey too. Still it's definitely on my wish list.

Jeanne Bayol lives the perfect dream life I would love to have. She also creates yummy and scrumptious clothing, bags and other decorative art.

All roulottes photos property of Jeanne Bayol

You can visit Jeanne Bayol to see more amazing vardos. If you're ready to buy visit Les Verdines and get one of your very own! If you do I'll be the first one over bearing pots full of tea and cupcakes for days!


Maggie said...

This is a beautiful and interesting post! I've always considered myself a bit gypsy in spirit!

Susie Jefferson said...

I love gypsy caravans - so magical, and what a shame they're becoming an endangered species. Those huge metal pantechnicons might be more comfortable but certainly nowhere near so pretty!

Thanks for visiting and glad you're enjoying the geeky stuff (really, I can't help myself...)