crowns and tiaras and post number 5-0

Woohooo! This is my 50th post! I know it's not 100 but I'm half way there and I'm just tickled {she does a little happy about a waltz...umm.. La Danse de Blog?} Being silly now. I think it's the sugar rush from my morning hot chocolate. So last night I kept thinking about what to post for #5-0. Then I remembered a book I came across at Joanns yesterday. Since the last post was also about a book I'm obsessing about I thought I'd stick with the same theme and add one more. Oh and speaking of books I have a new treasure I want to share with you which will have to wait till Pink Saturday. I recieved it from the Easter Bunny (who I suspect is really my own sweet mama) so come back Saturday.

You can see from my banner and some of my graphics that I have a thing for tiaras. That's a  pic of my $3 thrift shop tiara up there. I think it's interesting that so many creative blogs I've visited also feature tiaras and crowns in one form or another. Must be a prerequisite for creative types. For me it's a link to the little girl inside me. The one that imagined magical kingdoms and flowing gowns from fanciful times. It's being transformed into Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Tiaras in particular represent something completely feminine and girly to me. Though you would never guess me to be a girly type if we should bump handbags at the local thrift shop. Artsy and quirky maybe but definitely not girly. My creative space however is all queenly and vintage frills. Especially right now when I'm so inspired by all the pretty blooms and spring pastels. Anyhoo...I think this book was about $15 if I remember. It's less on Amazon but then there's shipping too. Too bad the coupons don't work for the books. I have a feeling I might be coming home with this one soon. Happy Tuesday!


Holly said...

I have had this book on my list for quite awhile. It looks absolutely divine. I think I need to g=juts get it!
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Leanne said...

SOOOOO love this book . . . this post . . . this whole blog (just love your style!) I sat here reading this post thinking that I finally know what I have been missing in my life . . . a TIARA!!!! How can it be that I am the mom to two sweet little girls and I DON'T have a tiara in this house???? Well . . . that's going to change - QUICK! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

Elisse said...

Congratulations on your 5-0 post! And look at this blossoming blog that has emerged as a result. A fine creation indeed :)

Do share with us any tiara creations that come about!

Cindi aka Ericksoc said...

Found you through Leanne....catching up on your posts and thinking, hmmmm....would love to be reading a tiara while I read! Your website is lovely, just lovely! I stop by often and link to you on my blog, but I don't think I've left comments. Just letting you know that I love your work, and your blog, and tiaras!