thrifty finds

Went to visit my favorite thrift shop today and found a couple of great deals. Of course the ever curious Miss Luna had to check everything out to see if they met her approval.  The set of blush pink melamine teacups were 2.98 and a package of odds and ends that included the paper and crochet doilies and a few rolls of ribbon that I forgot to put in the pic were .99 cents. (I'm thinking tea party props!) It was worth it for the paper doilies alone which were nicer than the ones I've seen at the party store and even came pre-aged! Best buy was the Tracy Porter decorating book for 2.98.

Crunch, crunch! Better than that silly bunny's ear!

I'll take this one then!


CC said...

Miss Luna is just beautiful..and I'm happy she selected her very own cup. It's exactly how just such a princess should be treated. :)

Laura said...

I love that your cat is in the pictures! My cat is the same way.