birthdays and birthday dresses

My birthday week starts today and I thought I'd share these pics from Lebanese designer Hanna Touma's spring 2009 collection. I love the detail on these gowns. Exquisite and feminine. They almost remind me of teacups.


When I was young, up until I was about 12, my mom would make a new dress for me every year for my birthday. She would let me make a drawing of what I wanted and we would pick out the fabric and trim together. I remember being so excited about it. I spent hours pouring through my storybooks and her magazines for ideas. The whole process was magical, watching my mom cut and sew the fabric and trying it on every step of the way. It was such a special thing that to this day when my birthday comes around I think about treating myself to a party dress. Of course nothing as fancy as these and these days I'm tickled to find something vintage I can alter and play with. Funny thing is I never outgrew the urge to dress up on my birthday, even if it's just to spend a quiet day by myself, hunting for a good book and a decadent cupcake. I loved all my birthday dresses but the best dress my mom made for me wasn't a birthday dress at all but my wedding dress 16 years ago. That was truly special. I love you mom.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!! It's nice to have such fond memories of your childhood, especially on the creative end. Hope you enjoy your birthday week and go make yourself a pretty dress!

frosted petunias said...

Aww...thanks Karen!! My birthday is actually today! I went 'shopping' in my closet for a dress then hit the fabric store and treated myself to a few little bits to add to it. Then I got myself a cupcake to share with my guys! You have a great week too!