paper flower banner

I searched and tried a few paper flower techniques before deciding on this one. One was a flower origami but I thought it was a bit too structured. I like the loose unstructured feel of this which allows you to sculpt the flower anyway you want.

Cut out several circles from your choice of paper. I used pages from an old book because I like the look of printed words. I made 2 large and 1 small circle for my flower.

Fold the circle in half and then in quarters to crease. Unfold and tear down each crease about 1 inch or so to create petals. Tear a thin strip from the left side of each petal to give each petal space. Then tear bits of the top edges of each petal to remove sharp edges.

Fold and pinch the edges of each petal around your finger .

Pinch the flower from the center and keep pinching and bunching until you like the shape.

Gently brush on decoupage on the top side of your flower. I used a decoupage with an antique finish to see what I would get.

After the decoupage dries layer each section with the smallest one on top. I also took a small strip of paper and just bunched it up in a circle to create the center. You can add a jewel, button or any decorative accent. Glue all the layers together and that's it!

I used a 4x5 scalloped card to create an impromptu banner using peices I already had out. I attatched 2 ribbons to small holes punched in the upper corners and embellished with decorative papers, silver scrolls and a mini charm that says 'Dream Big'.

I like the look I got using the antique decoupage but I'd also like to experiment with staining the paper with tea or coffee. I think there's even an ink stamp that gives you that look. I'd like to try this again for a vintage inspired project, maybe using old lace and photos. I think this would also be a fun and easy project to do with kids.

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I love this...The crinkling with the words is just right! Great idea :)

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