The last thing I remember was staring at my computer screen struggling to keep my eyes open. Another late, late night working on my crafts. I wanted to check the schedule for the new Alice movie, hoping I would find time to see it this week. I clicked on the theater link and the little hour glass started spinning....and spinning. Yawn. Still spinning. When did that icon change to a pocket watch? Maybe my son was playing with the settings again and thought this would be nice for a change.

Did he change the desktop too? This is definitely not the theater website. Curious.

Must be some new Flash application. Yet something was oddly familiar about that birdcage...

Zooming in on something shiny I found this treasure behind the cage door. 'Open me!' Did I just hear that? I clicked to turn up the volume but in a blink the image had faded away. Somehow I had nodded off and caught myself tipping out of my chair in that way you do when you catch yourself just falling into a deep sleep. What a curious little dream. I shut everything down, called to Luna and crawled into bed. I'll check on the movie schedule after a few hours of sleep.

Bright and early Monday morning I vaguely remembered a fading dream about a very familiar birdcage. It was my old birdcage! Tucked away in a corner still holding the silk flowers I threw in there too long ago, gathering a shameful layer of dust and cat hair. (Note to self: Pick up one of those fluffy duster refill thingies later.) Out of the corner of my eye something sparkled in the morning sunlight.

Reaching in I smiled and giggled out loud. I think Mrs Bunnie is up to something again! I opened up the pocket watch and found the tiniest little note tucked inside. I will tell you all about it very soon....

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