spray paint and pixie dust

I might have mentioned once that my 'workroom' is just a part of my dinning room. A wooden hutch, a small table and a rolling cart for my sewing machine are where I keep all my creative stuff. A few years ago I picked up this painted iron stand and used it near the kitchen for about a year. When I changed everything around I put it out on the patio where it's been rusting and weathering for at least 4 years.

Now I actually love the rusted patina it's taken on which looks great with all my plants and gardening stuff.

But I'm going to bring it back in and use it for my crafts so I picked up a can of 'Heirloom White' spray paint and after giving it a good brushing and washing I sprayed on a new coat or two.

Since I literally had to watch paint dry I grabbed my camera and took advantage of some pretty spring sunlight.

I love how you get a completely new perspective on old familiar things when you look through a camera lens.

This amber glass candle lantern casts the most magical glow at twilight, my favorite time of day.

I think that little corner under the nectarine tree would be a perfect spot for tea!

There's even a little fairy waiting in the shade.

I wish I could stay and visit a little while longer. I can tell she's full of ideas and stories after her long winter wait. But today is for getting things done and even a Pisces dreamer like myself has to walk away every now and then or things just start to pile up! Time to check on that stand.

I'll miss that lovely old rusted patina but I'm also excited to try this new look. As soon as those nasty paint fumes go away I'll put it in it's new home.

Lots of places to hang gift tags, banners and all that good stuff!

Voila! Several hours later I have a new place to hold supplies and display a few favorite things.

* * * * * * *

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LuckyStarErin said...

These pictures are making me jealous! I miss green grass! I love how it turned out and how you have everything displayed. Cute! I'm just listening to your music now. Thanks!

LivingInspired said...

Bwaaaa! I love that litte tea pot beneath the cloche! I think I just may have to steal your idea........Oh yes, don't you just love how pieces of furniture just need a quick spray and put in another spot and voila! It's like you just bought something from TJ Maxx.