hats and hat shops

Isn't this blue hat fabulous? With Easter just a few days away I started thinking about hats. I wish ladies here in the US would wear hats more often like they do in the UK. When I first started crafting and selling at fairs years ago one of the things I made was garden hats. I still love them and will find any excuse to wear one. I also love old millinery flowers, especially velvet ones. I try to keep an eye out  for them at antique stores and thrift shops. They are getting harder and harder to find and becoming pretty expensive too.

Hat shops just fascinate me. There's something whimsical and magical about walking into one. Peeking in a hat shop window is like looking through the looking glass. You just know there's something extraordinary on the other side. Maybe it's the appeal of becoming someone different when you put a hat on. Nothing can make you feel like a heroine from a Jane Austen novel more than a wide flower drenched picture hat. So I think I might see about reworking one of my old hats this year. I'm sure I've got something stashed away somewhere. It's time to go digging in the old junk closet.

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