creative inspiration and buttered toast

Last night I spent the last few minutes of my birthday gathering some pieces that might inspire me to start a project today. When I took a look this morning I still wasn't sure what that project might be. I knew I wanted to do something with paper and use an image from a freebie in the new Somerset Apprentice magazine. This issue also features a short article on my favorite artist. The amazingly talented Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist. You can probably see touches of her influence at the top of my page. I love what she said about letting other artists inspire you and then using that to find your own creative voice. She also talked about finding inspiration from using the simplest things like craft glue, paper and scissors and by allowing herself to enter a magical world with music, dance and dressing up. That really gave me a boost because I often find myself so overwhelmed by all the options in the craft store that I sometimes end up walking out with the wind knocked out of my creative sails. Sometimes I just want to create a vignette, play and take pictures. Vanessa's blog made me feel good about expressing my creativity that way. Her whimsical style resonated with so much of what I like that I hope I don't cross that line from inspiration to plain imitation. I would be so lucky to even have just a speck of her talent! She is truly...well, inspiring! So with that in mind I share with you what unfolded at this morning's quest for creative bliss.

I started with my paint drawer. Looking for colors to go with the paper pieces. For some reason everything just looked brown. Like toast. Then I remembered I wanted to make toast so I popped one in the toaster.

To help me feel inspired I invited my creative muses, Mrs Penny Bunnie and the Gypsy Dancer. I gathered bits of paper, brushes, tokens and a new antiqueing stamp pad I gave myself as a birthday present. I played a little bit of music which you can hear here if you like.You're also free to pause it, I really won't mind!

As  La Vie en Rose wafted through the house something interesting started to happen. Bits of old lace, vintage ribbons, buttons and gems sheepishly made their way onto my little vignette. Paint colors came together. A whispy cloud of pixie dust touched my sweetshop palette and visions of decoupaged gift tags began to dance in my head.

I added a sprinkle of Jane Austen, a handful of lilac and lemon sparkles and turned up the volume on a jazzy little melody. (I think it was 'The Very Thought of You' by Billie Holiday)

Mrs Penny Bunnie and the Gypsy Dancer nodded their approval as they watched me indulge in a little pirouette. Swirls of paper and frosted blooms sashayed before me. I could finally feel inspiration welling inside. I soaked it in finishing my pirouette as I caught a faint whiff of smoke from the kitchen that snapped me out of my creative euphoria.

Luna perched on the back of a chair in that cute way that she does when I'm having a piece of buttered toast with hot chocolate.


Oh well. Another slice of burnt toast with my art. Such a small price to pay for inspiration. Nothing butter and hot chocolate can't fix. So with crafty ideas still swirling in my head, traces of pixie dust fading in the morning light and Luna patiently waiting for a buttery treat I decide that I've fulfilled todays creative quest. I think I'll save the gift tags for tonight and of course that's for another post!


Karen said...


Very sweet post. I can see where you get your inspirtation from. I bet your house is just blooming with all sorts of pretty things and creativity, plus your feline family! Thanks for sharing! Ever try Nutella spread on your toast?

Karen said...

Excuse the typos. I should be a little more careful next time :) Just got excited!

frosted petunias said...

Karen, I'm the queen of typos. I've worn out my backspace button! Yes, I love Nutella too. Ever try it on a slice of Hawaiian sweet bread?

Struggler said...

I would love to say something witty, insightful and intellectual about your source of inspiration, but I find I'm totally side-tracked by talk of Nutella.... can you buy that in Northern CA? If so, I'd like to know where!
I do know what you mean about visiting the craft store - often there is just so much there, it's impossible to know where to begin.

frosted petunias said...

Struggler, thanks so much for leaving a comment. Nuttela is available everywhere but if you can't find it in your grocery store it's usually at Cost Plus. You know I so loved the wellies you had on your recent post that I went to Target to look for them! Unfortunately I didn't find them up here in Sacramento but I did see a set of pink plaid ones I liked.

Struggler said...

Oh bother, Blogger just ate my comment. This will probably show up twice now, but in case it doesn't, thanks so much for the Nutella info and I will keep a look out, especially in Cost Plus. And I'll be sure to 'toast you' when I find some!
I treated myself to a pair of the Target wellies but they didn't have the blue/green in my store either. I ended up with black dotted but they still came in handy at Tahoe.

LuckyStarErin said...

love Nutella! I love your post! I also like your style. Thanks for linking.:)

anna banana said...

Thank you for stopping by Erin! With all the talk about Nutella I think I might have to do a whole post about it soon, lol!

Tobi Britton* said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Love your Pintags and very neat paint drawer! I can't believe your cat ate the bunnies ear- and toast! Welcome and Have a Sparkly Pink Saturday!!!
Tobi and the Pink Pixies!

tales from an oc cottage said...

WELCOME!!!!! Happy Pink Saturday! Great post!

m ^..^