trunk show

Remember this trunk from the Judy Moody movie? You probably know that I just couldn't stop drooling over it.

It inspired me to make my own little craft trunk from a thrift store find

And last year I altered another mini trunk to create a wardrobe to house my paper dresses for the 2010 Dress Up Challenge.

I have to confess I have always had a trunk obsession. Specially the old steamer trunks people used to take along on long ocean voyages and train rides.

I love the idea of opening up a seemingly unassuming piece of luggage and seeing it filled with hidden compartments and drawers to house an entire wardrobe (or studio). There is something about this that is magical to me.

My husband said I love anything that works like a Swiss Army knife and he is absolutely right. I love things with lots of functions. That's why I love camping gear....and diaper bags! And the smaller the item the better. I'm actually one of those people that loves to pack. I love arranging and organizing stuff to see how efficiently I can get it done. Now this doesn't mean my studio or my house is efficient and perfectly organized. It's far from it I'm afraid. But every now and then I get into these moods where I love reorganizing things to see if I can figure out a new way to make things work a little better.

So I thought I would share this collection of amazing 'trunks' I found on the web. You'll see that some really aren't trunks at all but definitely keep the idea of efficiently storing lots of stuff in a smaller space.

Wouldn't this vintage vaudeville trunk make the most amazing craft trunk? I think even Judy Moody's Aunt Opal would be green with envy.

This reproduction from Free People is a little simpler but still has lots of drawers for artsy stuff. I love the boho gypsy feel.

This one is from Coco Republic. It's hard to tell what size it is when it's closed...

Until you open it and see it's a full sized wardrobe.

I think this piece from Restoration Hardware is the ultimate magical trunk.

You open it up and it's actually....

...a secretary! What an amazing art studio that would make.

Image source: Flickr

And of course I adore old trunks like the ones they used in the Harry Potter films.

All of these are  insanely priced as you might imagine. The Restoration Hardware piece is $3500. But think of all the ideas you can use to alter that old trunk you have sitting in the attic. Or the plain old cabinet or armoire in the dusty corner of your guestroom. Not to mention all the goodies you might find at your local thrift store.

Well I'm off to buy paint for my walls. Still not sure what color I want but something will come to me eventually, lol!


Blissfull ATC swap said...

Anna I being to think you must be my long lost sister because boy! do we think alike ... trucks yes LOVE THEM! I love things with lots of darwers.... I found one at a garage sale it was purple but now it's painted brown.. I'm storing pillows in it now but but it is calling out to me....

Linda said...

Trunks are truly amazing. All those little drawers waiting for someone to look inside. Could be more little drawers or treasures from who knows where. I love them all. Great finds.

LV said...

What an awesome collection of trunks. I would never have thought of collecting them. You really have some nice ones. They make good storage space as you know.

Elly said...

This awesome post really made me smile and i'm in love with trunks now. Looking at my emty package of corn flaces from this morning...and believe me..i see an altered trunk (:o) Elly

AlphaBetsy said...

I have realized that I am obsessed with things to put things in. And trunks and old suitcases fit the bill. I passed up an amazing old steamer trunk a bit like the ones above earlier in the year and I am beating myself up about it. Next one I see I am grabbing. :)

Celia said...

Wow!!! You know how much I LOVED Aunt Opal's trunk.....I'm still working on my thrift store Armoire find.....I love all of these trunks....and the Restoration Hardware one???? OMG! I still want a real trunk....keeping my eyes open.....always. Hee Hee

pchickki said...

I love trunks but can't afford them.
This is a wonderful idea.
Amazing and beautiful!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Love all these trunks, Anna! :) How fun that you fashioned your own. :) There is something so mysterious about old trunks, isn't there? I just love the musty scent and thinking about the things they once held inside.

Pabkins said...

OH my goodness this is one of my favorites blog posts ever! They are so beautiful! You did such a nice job on yours!