quiet as a mouse

Are you having a great summer? It's been so much cooler here this year, last week we had one or two days that almost felt like Fall. I was so excited I even watched a few of my favorite Fall movies one night.

Things have been rather quiet here. Not much has been happening at my art table so Luna decided she might as well take a nap there. I think I mentioned I was off to get paint for my walls and I did go to get it. But when I got there I kept changing my mind so I went home with another handful of paint swatches instead of a can of paint.

I did manage to paint a little house for my studio space.

This week I'm actually stuck at home since my husband's car fell ill and he's using mine. And it's funny how I can spend a few days not leaving the house at all and be perfectly content, but the minute I know I can't it starts to drive me crazy. Does that happen to you too? I guess I like having options.

I might visit my journal again and see if I get inspired to make some art. And there's all the prepping I need to finish to get my walls ready for when I do decide what color to paint them. Decisions, decisions.

Are you doing anything exciting or maybe getting ready to send the kids back to school?

Well I hope you're having a blissfully creative week and if you have any of that creative spirit left over please send a little my way :)


Anonymous said...

Everything you do is so very beautiful. I love seeing all your pictures and ideas.
Hugs and sparkles

Justina said...

Hi Anna ,
Just popping in ! Love the collage , it looks so pretty!! :-D I hope all is well.... Guess what's just around the corner !!! HALLOOWEEENNN!! Oh I cannot wait :-D , I know you will have lots of lovely witchy treats in store for all of us =D !
Blessed Be !

Deb said...

Love Luna's photo. It's nice to have company in the office or art room, isn't it.

BLISS angels said...

Miss Anna i have something that will get you inspired Joanne at vinage dragonfly is having a halloween matchbox swap.. here the link http://vintagedragonfly.blogspot.com I know that love halloween as much as i do...

Linda said...

You journal looks simply amazing...love all the texture and the softness...very creative. I love the little house you painted. Is that a frame? Please tell me what it is.
Summer is going well here. I don't want it to end. I am so in love with the warm weather. It is hard to believe that winter will be upon us in four months. I will start taking my doses of vit. D3.
My newest project is making bangle braclets out of scrap ribbon...Please check out my blog.

artistamyjo said...

What a cute house you painted, love it !
Michigan has been hot and dry after a lost spring.
I'd complain ( have silently) but know winter will come again.
Don't mind it so much...just wish it didn't last so long.

Celia said...

It has been HOT here....I can't wait for some Autumn like weather! I love your little house you painted....very cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your journal! It is so beautiful, Anna. Best of luck on the paint decisions and Luna is so beautiful. I love that sweet face.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

You have such a magical touch, Anna. :) Your journal is divine - and I love the little house you painted. I am itching for fall, too. It can't get here quickly enough for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling restless when you KNOW you are stuck at home, or to within walking distance. If the van is gassed up, cleaned out and ready to go I can happily sit home and create or read or even (shudder) clean. Have it not available for any reason and my world is shaken. The only thing worse is having the computer go down.