some decorating and a new broom

I love love my new walls (well the ones I finished painting so far). I was afraid it looked too much like the old color at first but once it dried and I got it on an entire wall I really loved it. It's just a little greener and more vibrant than the Butternut and makes all the my dark brown furniture pop. Happy happy! Oh if only the paint didn't give me a headache. But it's worth it.

Have you been to Pier 1 lately? They have some really wonderful Halloween stuff out right now. I had to get this glittery witchy broom to add to my collection. I love the crooked handle. Here it is against the new paint which doesn't look as vibrant here but you can see the greener tone. Very Owensy I think!

I also couldn't resist this witchy boot ornament and a few other cute things that decided to follow me home... this adorable couple that's actually about to take a trip to their new home.

All this painting and moving stuff around put me in the mood to bring out my favorite design and decorating books again. I love so many different styles that I finally gave up on picking one particular one.

My biggest inspiration usually comes from these 3 design styles. I love the eclectic mix here in my home state of California, from Bohemian San Francisco to the Spanish flavor of Southern California. Old world and modern Paris...I love both. And New Orleans as you might know is an obsession of mine. The mix of  colonial Spanish and tattered French decadence in the Vieux Carre speaks to my inner gypsy. So I'm revisiting my old books and magazines again, looking for a little inspiration to spruce up my little place.

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Anna! I am in LOVE with that cute! I'm now going to head over to Pier One and check out the fall goodies. Soon it will be time for me to decorate...hurray!

My Grama's Soul said...

Gads sound just like me.....only a younger version. Do you think we might be a little skitzo? LOL LOL LOL



JenW!~ said...

I Love that broom.Sadly I do not have Pier 1 near me.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. I love the Halloween decorations, especially the broom ; )
Have a magical day.

Linda said...

Oh my goodness Anna, what amazing finds. I was in Pier One the other day also....they all have such wondrus things..A real fun place to shop. You've got a great start to Halloween.

goddessandmagick said...

Anna that broom is so cute!! If I see it , I will get it !, Thanks inspiring me in your blog!! You are gifted !!And Magickal!!

Celia said...

Hi Anna! We have matching Witchy Striped Boots/Stockings!! I LOVE that broom....I don't remember seeing that in Pier 1 when I was in there....I may have to make another trip!!

CuddlyBunny said...

Wonderful fun Anna! Lovely paint color ... but shame, shame for mentioning Pier 1 ... like we need more reason to stalk that store. :)

Cameron said...

That broom is adorable.....totally forgot about checking the holiday section @ Pier 1! Thanks for the reminder!

So glad you love the new paint! Such a treat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your new paint color and that broom is delightful! Everything is coming together so well in your lovely home.

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

I really like the paint color!
I love the way just a little paint can fill you with so much inspiration!
The witch broom is fantastic, LOVE IT :)