giveaway winner and more lovely awards

We have a winner for my Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon giveaway! There were 90 comments, minus my comment and multiple ones to make it fair, for a total of 81. The Random Number Generator chose...

#22 - Jaala from The Witch Crafts

Jaala will receive her choice of a current issue of a Stampington magazine to inspire her with even more creative ideas.

Along with these sweet Autumn treats. A vintage style frame from Sheffield Home's Antiqued Gardens Collection, sparkly mini pumpkin for her Harvest table, a delicious tube of my favorite Rich Plum Body Polish from The Body Shop and.....

....a little souvenir from our enchanted tea party to add
fairy magic to her favorite space.

Congratulations! Jaala also has a wonderful blog filled with magical creative ideas. Go and visit her if you haven't yet.

*  *  *

This past month I was truly blessed and honored to receive several wonderful awards from wondrous kindred spirits. I love sharing my silly whimsical life here on my blog. I get to create a little bit of magic and play with all of you who allow me to be the big little girl that refuses to grow up completely. The awards you give me makes it extra sweet and I appreciate them so much.

I know these awards require me to pass them on to a specific number of people. But since I was so lucky to receive several I would like to simply share them here and then add a list of blogs that inspire me everyday.

One Lovely Blog Award from Marfi,

This beautiful one from Jill.

And this one from Serenity
just put a big smile on my face.

Thank you soooo much to all of you.  I hope I didn't miss anyone and if I did please know it wasn't intentional and kindly remind me again pretty please with sugar sprinkles. Now since I end up wanting to give the awards I receive to the same people that give them to me I will just list some of my favorite blogs which by no means are the only ones I love but I would have to go on for days if I tried to mention them all. Behind each of these blogs are incredibly amazing ladies, inspiring artists and beautiful friends.

I know most of you are just as inspired by Vanessa Valencia as I am so I have to add
A Fanciful Twist to my list as her amazing blog and art are what inspired me to start blogging and find my inner whimsical child. She is simply amazing.

*   *   *

I think I'll take a wee break for now. I hear something rumbling and me thinks it may be my tummy asking for lunch. I still have much more to finish. Back in a bit.


BLISS angels said...

Dear Anna , thank you for the mention, I come to your blog every day too, thank you for keeping me inspired...
Hugs Wendy at blissangels

Incipient Wings said...

Hello sweet friend, thank you so much:)
Congratulations! your blog is a beautiful and inspiring..I love it.
& congrats to your lucky winner, the prize is incredible.
Hope you feel better very soon !
methinks perhaps carrots for

Heathen said...

Apparently it's awards day. I also have some for you at my blog if you would like them. Thank you for your constant inspiration!

andrea said...

Dear Anna how can I get the frame that you use on your pictures? Andrea. Love your blog!!Happy day!

Linda said...

Sweet Anna, Thank you for mentioning my blog. You are the one that inspires me. You are amazing. Your work adds sunshine to the world.
Congratulations on your awards.

Jaala said...

Oh my! I won something? How exciting!!!! That really makes my day! Thank you!

Feathers and Flight said...

Thank You Anna! You are very Sweet!It was My Pleasure to Give you Recognition for your Lovely Blog! It is Whimsical and Inspiring and you leave with a Smile!
Thank You again and have a Wonderful Day!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congratulations to Jaala! And congratulations to you on your blog awards! Thank you so very much for mentioning my blog here...I am in very talented company. :) Theresa

Leanne said...

Dear friend, thanks so much for including me your list of special places to visit. I am honored to be there ... especially because I find so much inspiration from YOU! LOVE everything about Frosted Pentunias, and so grateful for you!

Karen said...


Congratulations on all your awards! You deserve it. Your blog has always been an inspiration to me, I just love it. Thank you too for including me in your list of inspirational blogs. I feel so honored! ♥

Your Friend, Karen