spring madness

Happy first day of Spring!

Are you having spring weather where you are? Everything is definitely blooming here and we are suppose to get up to nearly 70 this week but it's still chilly in the morning and I still smell smoke from a few fireplaces working at night.

I'm happy to report that I'm typing this post on my new laptop. Yay! Wow you don't know what you're missing until you upgrade to something new. What a difference! Now if I can just get that wireless printer that came with it to work. I'll leave that job for my 15 yr old I think.

I know several of you are fans of Once Upon A Time too. I'm really loving all the twists and turns from the Snow/Mary Margaret and Prince/David story and I thought their version of Little Red Riding Hood from the other week was fantastic. What a great twist in the end. But what I'm really excited about is next week's Mad Hatter episode.

Doesn't it look like fun? I hope this series stays on for a while. My son even loves watching it with me.

Speaking of Wonderland, I haven't been doing a lot of art lately but I've been playing with this Alice inspired piece now and then. It's been sitting on my table staring at me so I'll see how she turns out.

Hope you're having a great week.


peggy gatto said...

Happy spring!

Bird said...

a very happy first day of spring to you too. :) I have never even heard of Once Upon A Time. I must be living under a rock. LOL I'll have to check it out.

Love the Alice art you're playing with. I would love to be able to produce gorgeous pieces like that but I'm afraid I'm mostly a stick figure kind of artist as of yet. Okay, not that bad, but not real good either. ;-)

Blessed spring,

Leanne said...

Oh, how I love that piece! She's so lovely . . . I, unfortunately, did not get into the "Once upon a time" show when it started. Maybe I can catch reruns On Demand (our cable provider reruns shows that are currently on.) I think I would like it! (I am currently enjoying SMASH. Are you watching that one?)

Thinking of you, and congrats on the new laptop! That's super exciting!!!

Celia said...

I LOVE Once Upon a Time and SMASH too. Happy Spring!!

Diane said...

Happy Spring. I love your art piece, she's beautiful. Diane

AlphaBetsy said...

Happy Spring!!

I also love Once Upon a Time. And I cannot wait until next week. The Hatter looks amazing. Did you love the Peter and the wolf reference last week?

Crystalrainbow said...

Happy springtime x

Linda said...

So glad that you like your new lap top. Should be lots of fun.
Love the new piece that you are working on. Very creative.

Happy Spring right back to you. Out weather is really weird...*6 yesterday and the same today. !5 degrees above normal for us in Michigan.

Linda said...

Sorry...I ment 86 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hadn't heard of this series before, but I will be on the lookout. Maybe it will be aired in The Netherlands too.
I love your Alice, she's very pretty !!

pchickki said...

Well my daffodils are all bloomed but the rain is destroying them. I am so ready for sunshine. Maybe tomorrow huh?
Thanks for sharing your beauty

Toriz said...

Happy Spring!

We have pretty nice weather here, and things have been blooming for a couple of weeks. :)