fateful encounter?

Sometimes the ickies come back. Not a dreadful  'rip my heart out' kind of icky like it was a few months ago. But a 'pull my hair out and why am I dealing with this drama again' kind of icky that still comes up every now and then. Maybe what my husband said is true. I have some sort of addiction to drama. And venom. In another life perhaps I was Cleopatra. Or at least hung out with her.

Yesterday the ickies were raging full on so I resorted to retail therapy. I popped into my local Rite Aid to pick up a bottle of nail polish. I was really loving a new Revlon color called Fashionista, a kind of muted navy I thought would be fun to go with the grape colored gown I'm wearing to a fancy event this weekend.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a woman standing to my right looking at makeup too. I was lost in my own thoughts still trying to decide on the nail polish. Do I really love Fashionista or was Impulsive less daring?

"Excuse me" she said. "Do you mind if I ask you something?"

I said sure and she proceeded to tell me about how she couldn't help but notice how strong my aura was and how she could sense a lot of sadness from me. She was very polite and not pushy in the way that con artists usually are. She pleaded that I let her give me a reading. I listened to her and said I found it intriguing but that I really had no money to pay her. It's OK she said. She just felt she needed to give me a reading. Her name was Fate.

I have had readings done before. Both by people playing psychic and by some that seemed to have genuine psychic abilities. I am not gifted with this sight but I am somewhat sensitive to energy. When I meet someone who is the same way I immediately feel it in my stomach. An odd kind of fluttering like tiny moths under a glass jar. Being in a shop filled with crystals does the same thing.  Suddenly I thought I felt a moth or two zooming around inside my belly.

For as long as I can remember strangers have walked up to me determined to tell me about my aura and energy. Either I'm a magnet for this type of a scam or there are people out there who truly pick something up from me and feel compelled to let me know.

So I listened to Fate tell me about my sadness and my struggle with love and truth. She didn't give specifics of course but she basically told me how my life has been the last few years. She was good. Either a good con or a good psychic or both. I even got this strange sensation like I was speaking with a therapist.

Then she told me about the curse.

A curse she said that was put on me as a child. One that's been responsible for the sadness in my relationships. She said it was the reason I've had to struggle with my marriage. This curse needed to be removed or I would never find happiness in love.

Naturally she could remove this curse for only $160.00

What a bargain!

The odd thing was that I don't normally give this sort of thing a second thought. Could she see that I had just been through a rough patch? I didn't think I gave her any clues indicating I might be open to a reading or any sort of curse removal. I was in sweats with not one bit of my usual gypsy or witchy flair.

So I listened and something about listening and talking to her was oddly comforting. I knew I would never go for the curse removal thing but I did take her card and told her I would think about it just to be polite. In the end I gave her a few dollars for the mini reading. Maybe that was all she was after anyway.

When I thought about it later I realized it was most likely another scam and now I was out a couple of bucks. Oddly enough it didn't really bother me. At the very least it was very entertaining. She was definitely more interesting than anyone else I might run into at Rite Aid. I was also fascinated by the way she was able to talk me into getting a reading and eventually parting with my cash. I had to admit she had amazing powers of persuasion and I could use a lesson or two.

Whatever it was that drew this person to me I will never know. I was emotionaly vulnerable so maybe she sensed that or maybe she just happened to get lucky with me. It sort of surprised me that I didn't feel too bad about falling for it so easily. What Fate didn't realize was that she was actually giving me more than she planned.

Whether she meant to or not this very determined Rite Aid  'psychic' pushed me out of my icky mood, made me smile and added a little bit of magic to my day. In a way it was exactly what I needed and to me that was worth a couple of dollars. Magic can sometimes pop up in the most unlikely place. Sometimes it finds you when you least expect it, be there just when you need it and it can happen in the most curious way.

As far as the curse goes, well I think I'll take my chances. I may have a few tricks up my witchy sleeves too.

I forgot about the nail polish all together. I ended up giving Fate the money I would have spent on it and even gained something silly to blog about. It wasn't such a bad deal over all but I still want a bottle of Fashionista.

Maybe I'll try Walgreens today.
Have a lovely magical weekend!


Lisa said...

Interesting. It is a fine line between magical and scam, and I think you walked it with an open and alert mind. All in all, pretty cool.

Healing Woman said...

Look at it this way, they are entertainers. I just got back from Sedona. I hope you will look at my blog since I show 2 healers..http://www.healingwoman.blogspot.com
If they made you feel a bit better about yourself..good. I know they spend a lot of time trying to keep customers to keep up their business. That is what it is..my friend had her reading and she loved it..me..I thought it was interesting but do not intend to spend another penny on it..like you said, it makes for an interesting blog post..I'm glad you posted this one. Cheer up..you are living the good life-I know, I follow your blog..what a talent you have..by the way, I love your banner!

Queenie Believe said...

That shows to go ya... you never know what life has in store for you.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Always, Queenie

AlphaBetsy said...

It was certainly something to think about if nothing else. I think that can be worth it's weight in gold.

Linda said...

I'm sending you all good carma. All goodness will find you. You need to think positive thoughts day and night. I believe good things come to those who wait. I repeat they will find you.

Hope you have a happy week end.

Celia said...

Sounds very interesting to me....I've never had anybody walk up to me and want to give me a reading....I would think it was pretty cool! Scam? Maybe....Fun? Absolutely.....Magical? Yes!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I think that was pretty cool. I have paid for very generic readings, so to have someone hit it right for the price of nail polish is fantastic. About the curse - if there IS one, it's to your advantage to be aware - maybe wave some white sage around.

Toriz said...

I can sense energies, but that's all, and even that can be wrong sometimes; energies from other things can confuse things or whatever.

Anyway, I don't know if she was a fake or not, but it does sound like she was hoping for cash one way or another. The only question I have is whether she had real skill and was hoping to make some money from true abilities, or whether she had no skill and was lucky with you. Sometimes you can read emotions in someone's face, so that may have been all it was. Still, she gave you something to blog about, and something to chuckle over, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time. ;)

CuddlyBunny said...

The fact that she made you feel better proves that whether she realized it or not ... some power brought her to you when needed.

Plus, I'm sure you've supported story tellers by watching movies or buying books ... now you've also done the kindness of supporting a sort of "small business" story teller. :)

Anonymous said...

It is said that no one comes your way by accident. Sometimes their own intentions may not be clear, even to themselves, but the true purpose, in the higher realm of knowledge will never be overlooked. Perhaps you needed this very thing. What's a few dollars to an awakening within that just reminds you that you are still alive and intelligent and strong. And one last thing, I don't believe any curse could touch a soul as true as your own. Hugs, my lovely friend.

Leanne said...

WOW . . . I can't believe this whole thing happened to you. I'm so intrigued, and wish there was a Rite Aid around here, so I could chance running into someone like that. s glad, though, that your aren't spending the $160 to have your curse removed. Hugs.

Amy P said...

That's intriguing, I've often been told i have a strong aura myself. I always think "really?" I never know what to say or think to that statement. I feel very vulnerable LOL! I'm usually told it's purple and I don't even remember what that stands for. I feel it's a true theory, but like you, caution towards scams is important. Good story, good choices :) Glad it helped you feel better!