harry's back

Anyone have a spare handful of Floo Powder? You might remember me mentioning before that my son and I are huge Harry Potter fans. Poor thing has been going through withdrawal since the last film came out last summer. My 15 year old son's entire childhood was all about Hogwarts and the boy wizard, and being the magic loving mom that I am I completely indulged him of course.

Part of my son's HUGE collection. He made the Daily Prophet prop a few years ago for one of our parties.

Well Harry is in the news again this week. The Warner Bros. London Studio tour officially opens this Saturday. All the sets, props, and costumes will be available for the public to view for the first time.

I remember there being some unhappy fans across the pond when Universal opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction in Orlando a few years ago. And although it's great for us over on this side, Hogwarts castle in sunny Florida seemed strange to me. But now the UK fans are getting the real thing! Although we have yet to make it to the park I think I would take the Leavesden tour over Orlando any day.

This brings back so many warm memories of midnight book releases, movie openings, hunting for Harry collectibles and our own yearly birthday feast for Harry. I miss doing all those things with my little wizard so it's great when we can share memories and remember a little bit of the magic again.

Any of you lucky enough to be visiting London this weekend?


Bird said...

Hi Anna. Oh this brings tears to my eyes because I would LOVE to go, but London is a bit out of reach for me. I will make it to Orlando one of these days, though. I LOVE the Harry Potter series. It's the best ever. Your son is so lucky to have all those wonderful Harry Potter things in his room. I hope he keeps them forever. What great memories of his childhood and sharing those magical times with you.

Brightest blessings,

Queenie Believe said...

Yep Queenie and her court are HUGE Harry Potter fans! Alas, we will not be in London anytime soon. I'll be lucky if I make it to Orlando -lol- Thanks for the HP update!
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie

Lisa said...

My daughter Isabelle is a fellow Harry fanatic and I just made her some butterbeer cupcakes for her birthday this week. Oh, for the trip to London!

Diane said...

I feel the magic through your post. How fun that will be for you and your son. Diane

Toriz said...

It's really frustrating; I'm only a little over an hour away from London by train, but I can't go! The person who was meant to come and doggy sit cancelled, and we couldn't find anyone else, and it's too long to leave the dogs home alone, and because I can't see I can't go by myself. *Pout*

I've been to King's Cross Station to see the "Platform 9 3/4" they have set up there though; did that a couple of years back on Harry's birthday. I have photos somewhere among my backup disks...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I wish I could take a trip across the chanel, that would be so fantastic !!!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I am a Harry addict too!!! My friend and I threw a Harry Potter party on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 DVD release day (which happened to be on April 15th, Emma Watson's birthday) and to celebrate we made cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties :) I also gave my friend a wand that my dad made and a daily prophet that I made myself for her birthday. I have a HP cookbook!!!! I am soooo in love with the series! I always think to myself, "I am fifteen (almost sixteen in May!) so I would be in my 5th year at Hogwarts." I just love it so much!

Tell your son that you two are not alone :) My entire family is just as obsessed as I am :)

Happy Hogwarts Wishes!