sweet paper ruffles

Hellooo dearies! Thank you thank you for your wonderful sweet wishes and warm congratulations on my bloggy birthday. I loved reading your comments and felt so much sparkly, glittery magic coming from all of you. What can I say...you guys are awesome!

I have been having a love affair with paper. Mainly with napkins and streamers. I love to crinkle and crumple them into frilly, frothy, frou frou ruffles. I used napkins to make skirts for my collage girls, like the one for my anniversary giveaway. I've made a few other ones which I'll post very soon.

I love the texture of crepe paper. The way you can sculpt it by folding it here and pinching it there. It's so light weight that you can easily make layers and layers of ruffles.

I thought it would be fun to make vintage style Valentine hearts with my paper ruffles. The one I used here is a silver grey. These are like the one I sent to Fran with the magazine she won. After I cut out my hearts and edged them with ruffles I added a sweet little frosted flower and some glittery letters.

Voila! A set of sweet ruffled hearts with another one of my favorite words. I love things to look a little tattered and worn so I also crinkled up the sheer gold ribbon I used to tie on to each heart.  I thought these would even be fun for a birthday or tea party. Maybe hanging from a lovely old tree.

I had to try them on my chandelier of course. It's been so overcast that I had a hard time getting the right light to take a decent picture. I am making a few more ruffled heart whimsies that I'm actually putting in my Etsy shop, along with this one, once I get proper photos taken. So this is a little sneaky peek.

I hope you have been visiting the January Artful Bag Challenge page. There are lots of simply adorable and creative bags being added that you have to see. I'm so happy the first month went so well. Don't forget there's a giveaway at the end of the month and yes you can still add your link all the way till the 31st. I'll do the drawing at the end of the day and announce the winner when I post February's bag on the 1st.
The next artful bag theme is Alter It.

I'll be back with more ruffle-ly sweet pink Valentine goodies!


Cellar Door said...

A belated, but truly heartfelt bloggy birthday wishes to a sweet-as-frosting friend! Your featured ruffled whimsies are simply delightful! This b-day gift I hope will hit the spot: CLICK!

Junibears said...

Your little Valentine hearts are delightful. You come up with such Gorgeous ideas. Big Hugs xx

Janet Ghio said...

The hearts are wonderful!

BLISS angels said...

Love the hearts Anna they look wonderful on your chandelier ...hugs wendy

Georgina said...

Your ruffled hearts are just lovely!

Linda said...

Oh Anna, What a stimulating project...I would love to try that too. So sweet. You are such a creative person. I love looking at everything. Hanging from the chandeller would be so much fun.

Cameron said...

Those are beautiful!!! I'll need to stop walking by those old, half-used streamer rolls I see in the thrift store all the time! So fun :)

Penny said...

Those hearts are just beautiful.

I may have to try something similar.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Anna, these hearts are GORGEOUS! You are truly an enchantress when it comes to papercrafting. So magical. I will need to check out your shop very soon! Have a wonderful evening!!!! Theresa

Mina said...

Oh Anna, I adore your hearts! I would love to hang them from a tree!

Wendy said...

I absolutely love this little WISH. I think it is positively magical. I can't wait to see more of your paper creations.

Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland