surprise....a midweek giveaway

So there I was last night. Rummaging around my studio. Organizing this and that...I've been in an organizing sort of a mood lately. Have you? I think we all tend to do that in January, that's why all the shops bring out the organizing stuff right after Christmas.

And I can never just sort and file, especially when it comes to books and magazines. I'll stop and look through old issues. Read favorite articles and discover ones I missed the first, second and third time around.

I only discovered Where Women Create two years ago (I know...where have I been?) It was this very magazine that opened up a whole new world of living an artful life for me. It inspired me to set up my very own place for creating. One that would proudly say I am creative, love art and this is what I'm all about. It literally changed my life.

Most of you probably know that all of the Stampington magazines are pricey. Almost all are $14.99 so I only get them from JoAnns when I have a coupon for at least 40% off. They are my one splurge because I will go through them over and over and over again.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I somehow  purchased two copies of the 2010 May/June/July issue! And it's taken me this long to realize it. Oh what state my poor brain must have been in to have done that...

So anywhoo, I thought I would share the extra copy with one of you. I am rather obsessive about my magazines so it is in excellent condition. And if you would like a chance to win it just leave a comment and tell me where you like to create. Do you have an entire studio room, dinning room corner, bedroom, dinning table, hutch, roll away cart? Anything and anywhere...I'd love to hear! My studio is our tiny dinning room. You can see it here if you like but it's changed a bit since I did the post for
Where Bloggers Create back in June.

I'll leave this post up for a few days and pick a random winner Saturday night. There are wonderful and inspiring spaces in this issue as always and if you happened to miss it or have never checked out WWC here's your chance to get one for free!

Now if you haven't checked on the January Artful Bags  in a while, I urge you to go and see (button is on the top right sidebar). There are some really beautiful paper purses being posted....And I'm still working on the art/tech project with my brother (7 down and 3 more to go), but found that it works better if I take a break and work on my own stuff too. I am also getting ready to celebrate my one year blog anniversary on the 22nd and I have a little something planned for that as well.

Hope you are all enjoying the middle of your week!


Asas à imaginação said...

I be happy,I'm the first!
My place to work scrap is in my bedroom...oh,so small...bat I work with much love and spirit in my little corner!

Laura said...

Hi Anna!
I love all the Stampington magazines! Everyone of them is so inspiring! I have a bedroom that I turned into an art room. The window is the view out into my butterfly garden. It's my favorite place to be. :)

LambAround said...

I can't create in my office because it's TRASHED (sad that my New Years resolution to keep it tidy has already gone out the window!) so instead I work mostly at the kitchen island :)

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Wow! What a great giveaway! I am fortunate to have an entire bedroom that I re-purposed into my work room. I have my computer, printers, scanner, and all of my paper supplies here, in various stages of disarray. Yes - I really do need to do some new years cleaning and organizing! I also have a television, so I can spend a lot of time here! I also paint here and eat here. And I have set aside a place for my kitties to sit while I work.

Scrap Vamp said...

Hi, Anna! I have never seen the Stampington magazing! It must be something at that price! Lol! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Scrap Vamp said...

Oh, sorry...I forgot to add that I have a scraproom to create in. And I love it so much! I can just close the door and get away from it all!

AlphaBetsy said...

Well right now I craft in my living room. However over the next several weeks I will be setting up a new craft space in our finished attic. The light up there is amazing during the day, and I just think it will be fantastic once I get it all done. :) Thanks for the chance to win.


Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Anna!
I have a small bedroom, that I threw together rather quickly a couple of years ago for my sculpting and painting. I have been slowly gathering sweet lovelies and Items to re-purpose for the studio, as I am getting ready to turn my studio into a girly, inspirational little studio.
I spend 8 hours a day here and I have always dreamed of truly making it "mine" in a very feminine style.
I am like you, I love many things and styles, one being feminine and PINK but pink doesn't really go over well with my hubby..Guess what color my studio will be LOL...
I also take over the dining room table at least three times a for my scrap-booking and collage projects.
The family room for my crocheting.

I think this is a fun post, I could go on and on..sorry for hogging comment space.

BTW, I love your creative space you work in.
Very inspirational!


Leaping Frog Design's said...

What a fantastic and thoughtful giveaway!!My work space has transformed over the years as my son has grown. Now I have his old playroom that I am converting into a studio. Our home was built in 1946 and this lovely little room looks out over my garden and side yard. It has the most fantastic morning light..In the evenings I bring work out on trays to be with my family. That way they are easy to put away..Still my projects manage to end up all over the

Lisa Balazs (Seshat Moon Willow) said...

Hi Anna,

I've always loved looking at your pictures of your little art studio as it is truly inspiring. I am very lucky that we have a spare bedroom that is supposed to be a guest room but the only guests that ever come to stay are the cats I foster and they don't mind sharing the room with me as long as they get the view and a cat tree (LOL). My studio is a work in progress. I will be posting pictures of where I create on my blog today. I have never purchased one of the magazines...."drool"....because of cost. I only get an "art allowance" because we are a single family income (I love being a stay at home mom) and all those things have to be "budgeted in". I love your blog and always enjoy your creations and your posts always inspire me. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


Pattie said...

Your brain must be on the same wavelink as mine! I often find that I have bought more than one of the same magazine. Then I think " stupid, stupid, stupid!" So don't feel bad, there are more of us out there than you realize.
Thanks for sharing your mistake,lol. 8>)

Simply Beautiful Sundays said...

Hi Anna, Your creating space is so breezy and light and beautiful~just like your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Georgina said...

Anna, your studio is just adorable. Your bulletin board reminds me I have to clean mine up...have lots of my grandsons drawings, colour pages and whatnot's hanging there and I can't see what's beneath...probably more grandsons art works!! LOL

I too cleaned and reorganized my studio...nothing as gorgeous as yours, but at least I can see the floor now!!

Have a wonderful and creative week.


Jennifer said...

I adore your blog and I have an award for you to pick up on mine~Brightest Blessings :)

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i love to create in my pink room studio! everything there is pink and so inspiring!!!!

Molly Smith said...

Hello Anna,

I am moving out of my 33 y/o home (dusty museum) into my mother's house (she passed away in August) and I am going to have a full room, her bedroom, to create in. It is all white, and since she was a master crafter and taught me so much, I *WAS* going to keep it white - I love crisp white clean-looking rooms. BUT after seeing your amazing workspace (gorgeous), I think you have inspired me to make one wall colorful! If I could just get it sparkily.

Thank you for your generous giveaway. I love anything Stampington-related.

hugs from Texas
Molly Smith

Heathen said...

Currently I do all my crafting in my bedroom or on the counter of the master bath...ha ha! You gotta use what you have.

I'm still planning on posting a paper purse for your artful bag challenge!

Fran. said...

Oh Anna what a blessing it would be to win your extra Where Women Create magazine! Like you I only get them with the 40% off JoAnn coupon! So I really don't have that many! I go to Borders alot with a little notebook and pin alot!! LOL Have a Chai Tea and drool over all their magazines! I am organizing right now, and my husband painted our computer room for me to start creating/sewing in, and blogging of course!! Thanks again, XO Fran.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

How awesome. I am kind of an odd creator - I work the dining room table, on the couch, even on my studio room floor! LOL Basically, anywhere I can! Thanks for the opportunity - I love Stampington magazines! Theresa

Holly said...

Anna, what a great idea to use the 40% off coupon at Jo-Ann's for the Stampington Company publications! I love to create in my studio. Last summer we transformed our home office into my studio space and I love to spend time in there. It still needs more storage and workspace (what studio doesn't?) but it is a great place to create!

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

Hi Anna,
Please throw my name into the hat for the fab magazine. Just like you, I use a coupon to purchase these beautiful pieces of joy...... for they are pricey.
My studio is a bedroom in our basement turned into my craft space. I find such joy in my space. This is where all of my Stampington magazines are kept. I would not part with one single one.
Thanks for the opportunity to win another one.

Linda said...

Hi Anna, Yes, I love Sampington Mag. too. I buy it also. Older issues are great for reaserch. What a great givaway idea. Like others, I work about anywhere in the house. It is ok but have to hide it away and pretend to bring it out the next day. I think that you know what I mean.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Too funny - my husband always asks me, "Why can't you throw these magazines out when you are done?" I've explained they are pieces of art and are never done!
My studio - is my room of choas! My husband built me a workbench, I have a drafting table and stand up easel. My problem is putting things away. This is the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers, dana

voodoo vixen said...

I have never seen a copy of Where Women Create, so I totally intrigued by your lovely off to gift one! I create in my basement... yep, the entire basement is all mine!! We were going to share... but DH picked a bedroom on the main floor instead so I got the lot!

Celia said...

oooooooooo......I hope I'm not too late! I am in the process of trying to make myself a space in my utility room....on the opposite wall from my washer and dryer....I have lots of shelves....and I also use my kitchen table....I hope one day to have a craft room all to can dream.....