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First post for 2011! The bag challenge is underway and there are some absolutely adorable paper purses posted below. Remember the challenge is open all month. There is a button on the right that links directly to the post so you can see the bags as they're being added or you can add your own project too.

I'm taking an itty bitty break from my Art project....the one for my brother, Art {giggle}. I'm doing a series of little collages for him. Four down and six to go which have to be finished by next week.

Photo from Vintage Winter.

Working on this project with my brother reminds me of how I learned to ski. Art had already been skiing for a while and was at about the intermediate to advance level when my best friend and I decided we wanted to learn too. So off to Tahoe we went with dear little brother who took us to Kirkland. We learned a few basic moves, how to fall and all that, and practiced for a while at the bottom of the slopes with all the other wobbly novices. Then Art said OK it was time to go for a run.

Up we went on the little lift. Waaaay up....

We got off the lift and I stood at the top of the run absolutely terrified. Is this the beginners run I asked? 'No' my brother replied. 'It's the intermediate...but you'll be fine.' I inched and plowed my way down, falling every 3 feet I think, and finally gave up half way down the mountain. I waited for one of the ski patrols to come by and asked for a ride. It was time to kill my little brother.

After pummeling him with snow balls and a few more practices we decided to go back up. This time I  made it all the way down. By the end of the day I was having a great time. On the way home Art mentioned that resort is known for their more difficult runs. The beginner run is more like intermediate....and the intermediate more like advance. He said now all the other beginner runs would be a piece of cake. And they were. I forgave him for putting our lives in mortal peril. Trust me, I do not recommend this way of learning to ski. Looking back I'm amazed I didn't break anything!

This project feels the same way. I thought I would ease into doing more art this year. I am, after all, a novice. I'm comfortable doing swaps and sharing my art with dear friends but had not considered getting paid for my creations yet. This was going to be the year I would try. Then my brother proposed this project and suddenly I feel like I'm back on that intermediate slope hanging on for dear life.

I was very anxious at first and wondered what I got myself into but  now I'm actually enjoying it. Each piece has given me a little bit more confidence. I'm trying new things, learning as I go along. He had enough faith in me just as I was starting to spread my wings. Hopefully I'll be a fast learner. So I guess once again my little brother was right.

I'll be fine.

Oh I have stalled long enough I think. My tummy is asking for hot chocolate and buttered toast and I need to get back to work. I hope you're enjoying this first week of January. Did you know January is actually one of my favorite months? I'll tell you why another post. OK I'm going now for real :)


Linda said...

Hi Anna, This is a great post to start out 2011. Projects already in gear. You are ahead of me. Good luck on this new endeavor. I know that you will give your 110%

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I wish you a lot of luck with this project, Anna! I know it will turn out beautifully. I'd love to learn why January is your favorite month. :) Enjoy your hot chocolate and buttered toast. Yum! Theresa

Justina said...

HI Anna!
Boy it's been awhile, but I have been so busy with music and band stuff! I hope you had a very merry christmas and I hope your New Year is filled with inspiration :-) Check out my newest blog update for my peepshow birthday celebration :-)
27, o boy , time is flying by so fast ! BTW I love your new Paper Purse Project, I can't wait to see more !

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful post Anna..very cool pictures..gorgeous...and love the skiiing!
Shine on...wishing you many new wonderful adventures in all that you do!Congrats!

Mina said...

Fabulous post and pictures.