owoh giveaway winner and a surprise

Greetings from windy California! Yes our weather has been so odd lately. We had sunny skies a few days ago, then sunny skies with showers, and now the rain and wind just rolled in. The kind of flip-your-umbrella-inside-out kind of wind. The sunshine was nice but being that it's still officially Winter, I don't mind the clouds and wind so much.

The final One World One Heart blog hop has come to an end. Wow! What an incredible undertaking that must be for Lisa (thank you again). I met so many kind, talented and creative souls during my travels and there are countless more places I want to see. Thank you to everyone that stopped by here and left such lovely comments for me. I wish I had a giveaway for all of you!

But I do have one winner for my OWOH mixed media collage. I used the good ole Random Number Generator because there were a total of 213 comments and my wee fairy lantern could not hold that many slips of little blue paper.

Someone should really tell Blogger to number the comments!

You might have noticed the little British flag up there on my graphic and that's because the winner of my giveaway is Angela from SofiNos Design, who visited all the way from across the pond in the UK. Angela is an amazing jewelry artist and when I popped over to visit her I was truly drooling over her creations. They are beautiful. Congratulations Angela!!!

In case you haven't heard, Lisa just announced that although this was the final OWOH event, she already started putting a similar one together for next year. That one, she said, is even more about art and artists. It sounds fabulous and I will definitely be back for it when it comes. Please visit her at A Whimsical Bohemian for details.

And now for a little surprise!

While reading through all your lovely comments and trying to visit as many of you as I can, I realized how much I love this whole blog hopping thing and connecting with all the wonderful souls out there who visit me and leave comments that always brighten my day. It's the same reason I love doing my Artful Bag Challenge. I love meeting all the talented 'bag ladies' and seeing the great things they're coming up with it.

So in the spirit of all this bloggy love I decided to pull one more name out of the OWOH hat...so to speak... and that person will also receive another one of my creations. I won't show it to you yet as it's not quite done and I won't tell you who the winner is until I post the prize {insert evil grin here}. But it will be soon I promise and I will let that person know before hand.

And now back to work I go to catch up on things that need catching up. Please go and visit the Artful Bag Challenge page and take a look at the absolutely adorable altered purses my bag ladies are making. I would love to have you play along if you haven't yet because it really is great fun!

Have a beautiful it's-almost-the-weekend day.


JoAnne said...

You're so sweet Anna! And funny-insert evil grin....

Sussie said...

Congratulations to the winner and a wish... ;)


Birgit said...

Hi Anna,

I so love your Artful Bag challenge and hope to have soon time to make my altered bag. I already have some ideas. :) By the way, I just LOVE the one you created!

Congrats to your winner -- she is one lucky lady!


Janine said...

Hi Birgit, this is wonderful, and I am so exited, to have another chance to win a piece of your awesome artwork. Congrats to the lucka winner. I am going to check the artful bag challenge now.
Sound like fun.
Have a great day

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congrats to your VERY lucky winner! Angela does indeed create such lovely jewelry. :) I know she will love your art. So happy you enjoyed the OWOH festivities. I'll be announcing my winners in the morning. :) xoxo Theresa

LV said...

Everyone is a lucky winner of your prizes. You have a nice blog and great givaways.

Thespa said...

Congrats to Angela! What a lucky lucky duck she is! I can not wait to find out what Lisa's plans are for next year. I was pretty sad to hear that this year would be the final OWOH but if she's moving on to bigger and better things more geared towards art, I'm IN! LOL.
I've been having a great time checking out all the bags everyone has made. It's such a fun challenge and I can't wait till next month.
And you are a stinker for drawing out the suspense...
Vintiquities Workshop

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Bummer I didn't win! Big congrats to the winner, Angela...I will pop over and say, "hi."


Emakesart said...

Congrats to Angela, and yay to second chances!!!


Julie Forest said...

OMGoodness! How exciting! Congratulations to Angela on her lucky win! Looking forward to seeing who the mystery winner will be! You're too sweet, Anna! :)

margaret said...

Congratulations to Angela! Mx

Simply Debbie said...


Angela said...

Hello Anna! I had to stop by and comment to say a huge THANK YOU! I feel so lucky to be the winner of your gorgeous collage piece. I have enjoyed participating in the OWOH event so much, and still have many many blogs to visit and explore. I am about to generate a random number for my own giveaway and look forward to surprising them the way you have surprised me. Your work is stunning and I can't say how pleased I am!! Good luck to the next mystery winner!!

Mina said...

Congratulations to your lucky winners, Anna!