monday monday

Happy Monday! It may not be a happy Monday for those of you like my hubby who had to drag himself to work this morning, but I have to confess that I love the peace and quiet of Mondays after the weekend. Not just Superbowl weekend (which wasn't a big deal at our house), but any weekend.

Don't get me wrong. I love having my guys home and hanging out with them but oh, boys can be soooo much work. I think about half of my weekend is spent washing endless piles of dishes that seem to miraculously appear in the sink. Must be that Dirty Dish Ogre that keeps zapping them in there. Does he show up at your house too?

I'll spare you a shot of MY dirty dishes and show you this lovely one from Country Living.

And I have to admit that my son is much better at picking up after himself than his dad so he gets brownie points from Mom. So this morning I'm taking in a beautiful morning with just me, my Luna, a cup of hot cocoa and the blissful clicking of my keyboard. Ahhh....

I was actually surfing the web looking for a new quote to put up there with my header. I can read quotes all day (and greeting cards too). Some really inspire me, others make me scratch my head and some almost have me rolling on the floor laughing. I did find one to use but I also had to share this one which made me smile and I thought it was a great way to start my week.

"Think what a better world it would be if we all - the whole world - had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap."  ~Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

I love it! Don't you think everyone would be so much happier if we could all just do this? I actually do get sleepy every afternoon and if I let myself sit down for a few minutes I end up taking a nap. So maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Well what do you guys think? Maybe this afternoon around 3ish (more like 3:30ish for me after I pick up my son) let's all pour a glass of milk and grab a couple of cookies to dunk in there. Then we'll snuggle under our favorite blankie and just for a few minutes, nap like happy kitties (and puppies), dream of catching moon glow in fancy jars while skipping in stripped socks and recharge before our next great adventure:
pondering what on earth to make for dinner!

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Happy New Week

Image sources: Cookies and milk from Google search (origin unknown). Pink blankie from Vintage typewriter from Sink from


Simply Beautiful Sundays said...

I enjoy naptime and cookie time too! It is good for you I am sure, body, mind, and soul=)

Scrap Vamp said...

Sounds like a good plan to me!

Thespa said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a nap right now. I think I may have the flu, but here I am still at work like an idiot. But it's been snowing so much and so much work lost I can't possibly take another day off when I can work. I do love the quote and I'm kinda like you on that but I love antique poem books with funny poems and saying in them. Short and to the point and make you think. I don't know where you found that yummy looking pic of the cookie with milk but "me wants"! :)

Linda said...

A nap is always a good thing, but just as you are drifting to that place I call" on the otherside of the moon." The dogs start barking and someone is home. I like you, love the quiet but, I love having them home too. Anytime is a good time for cookies and milk.

Asas à imaginação said...

Delicious,Anna!Good idea!
Milk,cookies and a little sleep...very good!!!
Cozy hug!

Amanda said...

oreos and choclate milk.....mmmmmm :)

Cameron said...

I was totally napping today! I must have gotten the memo :)

Kiki aka Victoria said... cool...I will definately join you for a universal snack !! How sweet and inspiring a quite...beautiful post! Thanks for making me smile..! Oh yay..I will check out the link..thanks!
Wishing you a happy day! Enjoy!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Milk and cookies - there is nothing finer. My favorite as a child was Chips Ahoy, which I would dip into the milk for as long as I could. Then, I'd suck the milk out of the cookie. Then I'd eat my nice soggy cookie. Yum! LOL Cheers for naps and sweet snacks! Theresa

Shell said...

Yes,The Dirty Dish Ogre comes to my house too. What's even worst it's just me and my fiancee here!

Mina said...

I'm good with cookies, milk and a nap anytime of the day. Let's do it!