simple gifts and the joy of friendships

Surprises come in so many different ways.

Everyday I'm reminded of the simple gift of friendship from so many of you who stop by to visit me. A few little words, comments that say so much and reach across the miles and megabytes like a kind and gentle hug.

Last week my mailbox kept filling up with the sweetest treasures from friends who took a moment to share beautiful things created from their hearts. I love being surrounded by these tokens of friendship and seeing them makes my heart do a little flip.

I cannot thank all of you enough. I mentioned once that I love cupcakes and soon the cupcakes started coming in. Thank you dear friends for my beautiful card, sweet atc, my adorable cupcake girl and my delightful frosted cupcake. And thank you for making them calorie free!

Simple gifts also come in the form of wisdom and insight given with the kindest of hearts. This weekend has been full of surprises to say the least. But what has come from it is a gift  treasured and appreciated as much as the treats that filled my mailbox.
Thank you.

And perhaps my most treasured gift of all is simply having a friend who is always there for me through the  chaos, joy, heartache and laughter. Someone who inspires me and believes in me through all hours of the day....and into the dawn.

You know who you are!

And one day
I'm driving that
down there
so we can
pig out

Sweet Tomatoes!!

It's gorgeous here in Tomatoland today.
Have a beautiful week!


Incipient Wings said...

Anna, what a beautiful post.
and what lovely gifts you have recieved.
I think it's because you are such an amazing person.
you truly inspire ME, to create, to be happy, to share my ideas.
from the first moment i stopped here at this blog i have been enchanted by the photos, the cupcakes, your ATCs, your gorgeous paintings.

Your willingness to answer my silly questions in the very beginning will always stay with me.
Thank you Anna.

Linda said...

Oh Anna, Such an adorable post...Your friends are lucky to have you as a friend. You are all and inspiring.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a sweet post and wonderful tribute to a dear friend. We're all lucky to know YOU, as well! I am so delighted to call you a friend! You are giving, and talented and so inspiring. Thank you, Anna! xoxo Theresa

Thespa said...

How "sweet" that those wonderful people kept you in mind and that you honor them by acknowledging them. You're a dear.

Fran. said...

Hi Anna you are so worthy of the special gifts that you got from your friends! You are as sweet as the gifts! I am so thankful I met you and you have helped me realize I can do it!! I am loving this Artful Bag Challenge!! I posted mine for February!! I challenged myself with this one! LOL Looking around for March's challenge and what I want to use!! Take care, XO Love, Fran.

purnay said...

:) hi, ur friends sound really lovely and probably so are you. i just wanted to say that ur blog is really cool. the layout and icons remind me of cirque de soleil. they look magical

Karen said...


You bring out the best in me, whenever I stop by your blog! The gift of friendship is truly something special!

Michelle said...

Beautiful gifts, enjoy them and your friendships. I have featured you on my pink saturday weekly challenge post today. Happy PS.

Angela said...

What beautiful gifts, I can see how just looking at them would warm your heart. It brought a smile to my face to look at the pretty pics and gorgeous colors. :-)

Diane Mars said...

What a lucky girl and with such thoughtful friend! Lovely Blog my first visit~ Hugs from Diane in California