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Here we are. The last week of August and Labor Day weekend coming up. My son's school is on a traditional schedule so he goes back the day after Labor Day. Other schools already started a week or two ago. I remember when everyone went back the day after Labor Day and all of a sudden it felt like fall. You just new pumpkins weren't that far behind.
There is a blue moon on Friday. Wouldn't it be exciting if it really were blue? I kept trying to come up with something fun to post for the blue moon but right now I'm drawing a blank. Check back again on Friday in case I think of something :)
Some of you have taken my Practical Magic survey so I thought I'd post some of the results. The one that surprised me the most was the question about when to have the next blog party. When I asked in a post earlier nearly everyone that commented said spring. Turns out fall is still the favorite.
When would you like to see the next PM blog party?
WINTER (17%)
Who is your favorite character?
SALLY (48%)
Book or movie -- which did you like better?
BOTH (53%)
MOVIE (43%)
BOOK (3%)
Favorite part of the movie? (multiple answers)
Favorite scene?
I really enjoy finding out what you think. The survey is still open if you would like to share your opinion. Link is on the right sidebar.
I also started a Facebook page for my blog. Finally! This one is just for my art and everyday stuff. My animal advocacy page is separate. If you get a chance stop by and like me. The link is on the right sidebar too.
Whatever you have planned for the holiday weekend I hope it's lots of fun. Keep those carnival and Halloween ideas coming and I'll see you soon.


Carol said...

You mean you might not be having a PM Blog Party this year? ::sniff:: Seriously?

Please say it ain't so!

~Carol Ochs

Faerie Moon Creations said...

The survey was fun! And it was interesting to see that my answers fell in line with the results. I DO remember when school started after Labor Day. It always seems weird when you have to go back a few days before Labor Day only to have another day off. Just wait, I say! Hope you have a good holiday weekend, too.

Queenie Believe said...

Aside for the fun of seeing the poll results... Your wee body builder toy is WONDERFUL!! He has such personality.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Linda said...

I like the outcome of your survey Anna. Makes sence to me...New beginnings for new groth..hence, Spring.
My muse is in hiding again. I sure wish she would find her way back home. Any ideas?

Dragonfly J said...

I'd not seen your PM Survey till I read this so have just been and duly answered.

I'm loving the idea of a Spring PM party since you first mentioned it. It's sparked loads of ideas off in my head, just thinking about the aunt's garden and Sally's shop with all the luscious fresh greens. It isn't purely an Autumn film.

Anna I've left you a blog award on my blog Witchery Grove if you would like it.

J x