window shopping

August might feel like midsummer to lots of people. The weather certainly won't argue. But once I turn my calender from July to August I'm already thinking of Fall.

I have been finding the cutest Halloween stuff. Each year I tell myself I really can't add one more thing to my collection but as soon as the stores put them out I start finding reasons to justify just one more witch...or ghost...or owl.

I'm really excited about our Halloween carnival blog party so I'm starting to look for goodies I can use for it. Hunting for treasures and planning an event is always exciting for me. I was at Cost Plus World Market a few days ago and found these fun treats.


Carnival cupcakes and cotton candy! How perfect are these?


Do you remember funnel cakes at the carnival or fair? It's been ages since I've had any. It might have been at a state fair I went to years and years ago. I think it might be fun to try this and give it a Halloween twist.

Hope you're having a great weekend and please stop by our blog party page, Les Mysterieux Carnival. Grab your ticket and join us for some wicked Autumn fun.


Laura said...

I, too, start thinking of fall when the calendar turns to August. I'm tired of the heat of summer by now and ready for the cool fall weather. I love World Market. I have to be careful how often I let myself go in there. :-)

Nadine A. said...

Gosh I know exactly how you feel. Went to the swap market today and there was one set up that had great autumn decorations. I was so bummed to have to walk away knowing there was just no room in this tiny apartment though I nearly almost bought a whole bunch. Oh goodness I love funnel cake, it has been so long since I had any.

Angela said...

Wonderful finds! I moved from the US to England two years ago and have found that they don't quite seem to "do" Halloween the way Americans do, but I'm determined to enjoy my favorite time of year in all the festive ways that I love, lol. I have a good friend here who has also relocated from the US and she and I are going to host a big pumpkin carving party so all of our friends here can see how much fun it is!

Ms Misantropia said...

I feel the same, though in Sweden Midsummer is at the end of June, so I consider myself "allowed" to plan for autumn now :)

Barbara said...

Oh yes, August means pre-autumn to me ~ I love anticipating my favorite time of the year. Going to stop by the Carnival page and join in the fun!

Phoebe said...

Love this!!! It's an exciting time, and the fun of a carnival just brings that much more feeling of celebration!!!

Cameron said...

I have more boxes of Halloween stuff than my Hubby has Christmas....I risk divorce every time I bring a new Fall decor item home....haha!

It's worth the risk!