dashing through the glitter

Oh my goodness! It's 10 days until Christmas! Eeeekk!!! This is usually when I start to panic just a wee bit. I've been cutting and pasting and glittering like a mad elf and my poor Luna seems to have a permanent patch of glitter on her whiskers and nose. But I've been having so much fun, even if I still have to get through the rest of my gift list.

I want to thank all of you for allowing me to share my Art Saves story with you. Your wonderful comments have meant so much to me. Although it is my art that has saved me from dwelling in doubt, it is you dear friends that inspires me everyday, to create the art that I love to share. Thank you again and again.

Since this is the first year I actually have my own little studio space I had to get a tree in honor of the amazing year I've had creating and blogging. It's just a tiny little thing but I love it. If I can only find tiny tiny fairy lights for it.

I know I've shown you my chandelier a bazillion times but I just love to keep adding stuff to it and the latest are these beads and ornaments, including this sweet little fairy from Wendy from Bliss Angels! Isn't she adorable? (Sweet Pea...and Wendy!)

Now it's time to rush out to the post to send more packages and then back to glittering again! Happy sparkly Wednesday to you, whatever lovely things you're up to today.

My Art Saves story will be up until Sunday if you would like to stop by and see.


Kiki aka Victoria said...

beautiful post Anna...how wonderful...I will check it out!

Marydon said...

G'eve Anna ~ Great share ...

Have a lovely winter's eve ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Anna,
How adorable is that? I love everything! And that was so sweet of Wendy to send such a beautiful surprise!

If you go to my blog, you can see my post...Congratulations on being Miss Creative Spirit for December!

Linda said...

This post is another great one and the pictures are so much fun. I love the color combinations. Very happy and whimsical. OMG...I am sorry I almost forgot:
Happy 17th Anniversary... and many more

Heathen said...

Oh so pretty! I love the tiny tree...you can usually find tiny lights at Michael's. There's usually a (small) section just for the mini trees but you have to hunt for it.

Good luck!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Can't wait for Sunday's post!!! Love your glittery world!
cheers, dana

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I read your story, Anna. It was so powerful and amazing. Thank you for sharing your soul. :)Theresa

ItsMeMom said...

Hi Anna,
I recently discovered your blog. Everything you do is just beautiful. I am really fond of your little tree and thought I would let you know that you can purchase teeny tiny rice lights at www.factorydirectcraft.com. They only come in white, green and brown cords but I guess you could always spray paint the cord or glitter it
These are electrical not battery operated which I really liked. I bought some with brown cords for my Halloween tree. Loved it! Thanks for the inspiration and Happy Holidays to you.