creative spirit challenge with plenty of glitter

Glitter, glitter everywhere!

I always seem to be happily covered with glitter and with the holidays this is especially true. Seeing that sparkly, shiny stuff everywhere I go makes me want to put it on everything I see.

I always thought it would be fun to carry around a tiny bottle of glitter and stardust and leave the smallest pinch of it in unexpected places. Not so much of course as to make it a nuisance but just a smidge where someone might look and smile and wonder where it came from. On the handle of a shopping cart, the petals of a flower in a nursery, on top of a roll of paper towels on a store shelf. And you should be able to dust it off right away so it would just disappear.

Like magic.

I'm slowly starting to put up my decorations. Garlands and lights drape my mantle and doorway and glittery icicles are ready to go in the windows as soon as I motivate myself to move some furniture out of the way. The first place I decorated was my little studio (aka the dinning room).

My chandelier is dressed for Winter with this frosted leaf garland, drops of silver icicles and gold moons and stars. I also want to add glitter paper fairies I saw at the store last week and I hope they still have them when I go back today.

I've had so much fun dressing up my chandelier this year. I can't believe I've never done it before. Well I use to hang a few ornaments from it for Christmas but never decorated it the rest of the year. Now that this room is also my studio I've been inspired to put things in it all year long.

Inspiration comes in many ways and one I always count on is magazines. Particularly all the Stampington magazines like Somerset and Where Women Create. I just picked up the latest issue of Somerset Workshop which features complete projects by several artists. This issue includes one of my favorite artists, Vanessa Valencia. I have always loved her art, especially the series of paintings with the paper dresses featured this season. After reading her tutorial and drooling over admiring other pieces of her work I was inspired to create a collage using some of the techniques she showed.

I decided not to try the paper dress process she does so beautifully (I think it's so uniquely hers) and instead I used the template from my Dress Up 2010 December paper dress. After all these months of crafting little dresses I finally painted a girl to wear them. This was a fun project I did one night on a whim and I finished it the following morning. I added glitter (Vanessa used mica flakes), painted the ribbon and surrounded her with magical butterflies. I think she could be ready to step onto a stage to sing a beautiful aria.

I'm including this project and the rest of this post in Cindy's Celebrate Your Creative Spirit at Whimsical Musings on the 8th. Her monthly challenge has been doing really well so don't forget to visit her to see all the other inspiring things everyone is doing.

I hopy you're having an amazingly creative and glitter filled Monday!


Anonymous said...

As you know I just LOVE glitter!! So beautiful as always. Hugs and sparkles - WG

Mina said...

What a beautiful collage!

My Grama's Soul said...

Beautiful KNOW I'm a glitter lady!! teehee

By the way Valencia is an artist out of Tucson..I have one of her prints and I too, love her whimsy.



Marydon said...

What a beautiful creation ... love glitter!
Have a lovely Christmas week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Netty said...

Your christmas decorations are looking terrific. But your work of art is just amazing, I love her. Annette x

Heathen said...

Your collage is so beautiful...and Vanessa will be proud! I love her stuff too!

Happy decorating and creating!

Leanne said...

How absolutely beautiful Anna! I am a fan of the glitter, too, and found that leaving a trace or two of it in the most unexpected places can create magic in just seconds in my house (especially w/2 little girls!) I remember recently when Katie's front tooth came out and, as the (eh,hem) tooth fairy has historically left little bits of glitter on her night stand with a little note and a dollar, we had a problem. You see, the tooth fairy (eh,hem) had NO GLITTER IN THE HOUSE and was forced to wipe as much glitter off of some scrapbook letters laying around as she possibly could. It worked like a charm! ;)

Linda said...

Hi Anna, I also love glitter. When I use it, it ends up everywhere....I love it though. Love your decorations too. Talk to you soon.

Romeo said...

What a delightful idea for glitter!!! Of course that would assuming that you would be willing to share.....I say just glitter the cats! Hey, I'm there! You see "she" also loves glitter and is working through putting up the Christmas decorations. But "she" is running out of steam and does her office and studio last....home of the glitter dust decor....and have you noticed how much of the stuff falls off as you are decorating?!? But no matter, a few good rolls and look - glitter fur! Hey, I'm popular with the babes this way.....see, glitter on cats isn't such a bad idea is it?!? ;)



Feathers and Flight said...

Caprice is Beautiful Anna! She looks very Happy in her New Dress!
Have a Happy Tuesday Anna!

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Vanessa is definitely an inspiration to us all. I love your collage, it is super lovely! I actually don't own any glitter at the moment, but I think I need to get some pronto!

Laura said...

I love your idea for carrying around a vial of fairie dust and leaving tiny drops in special places. That is so magical! Your opera singer is beautiful...I can hear her singing.
I've looked all over town for that Somerset Workshop with Miss V in it but can't find it here. :(

Faerie Moon Creations said...

WOW!!!! Your collage is gorgeous - have you shared this with Vanessa??? She will love it. :) I adore your enchanting holiday decorations. Those frosted leaves are simply stunning. :) Theresa

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Anna,
You won't believe it--I don't have the challenge this month...I announced it last month...So now, since you did it--I am going to make you Miss Creative Spirit for December!!! How great is that???
Your creations are astounding--as always!!!!