thrifty thursday trip

I recently came across a site where the author blogged about her weekly thrift shop excursions. I loved the idea. I already visit my local thrift shop on a regular basis and now I can look forward to sharing my visits here.

Love the color and texture of this pink berry spray but decided to leave it for someone else.

This pretty cameo caught my eye. The clerk told me the price was five fifty. I thought that was a fair price so I asked her to hold it while I kept browsing.

A minute later another clerk came to me and said 'You know that's $550.00!' I almost fell over! I didn't know anything in that shop cost over $50. Needless to say it was just a bit over my budget. At least they were nice enough to let me take a picture.

After an hour or so I brought home a few little treasures. Each one was just under two dollars. I've wanted to read The Wednesday Letters for a while and the last time I was here I actually read the first few chapters.

My favorite find. Finally a tiara of my own. Maybe not to wear to Target (although I just might every now and then). Something about tiaras puts a smile on my face. I love the texture and patina on this one so I naturally couldn't resit using this pic for another new banner. I already found the perfect spot for it in my little craft corner.


Karen said...


Great finds at the thrift store. I go thrift shopping when I can. I usually can find really great fabric remants there too. Love your pictures!

frosted petunias said...

Thanks Karen! I've really been into taking pictures this last week, but I've completely neglected my crafting, lol. Have a great weekend!