sculpy cupcake charms

After reading a few tutorials and watching even more on YouTube I picked up 4 colors of Sculpy and gave it a try last night. First I had to get over the fear of possibly asphyxiating my family if I used my kitchen oven to bake the clay. I decided that I was doing such a small batch that if I opened a window it would be okay. Hopefully I didn't get enough polymer residue in the oven to taint my next chicken roast.

#1 was interesting. #2 looked like a soccer ball. I was going for chocolate chip sprinkles but maybe not. #3 tried to be an ice cream swirl. I started getting the hang of it by #4. I liked it enough to put an eye hook in it.

Once Luna went to sleep I finally mixed a shade of pink I liked and made chocolate covered strawberry tops. 
Not sure about the sprinkles yet but I really liked making these so I'm going to get more colors. One video showed someone using chalk pastels to color white clay which sounds interesting. I also want to try the liquid Sculpy for making  fluffier icing. Time to find another Michael's coupon. Now I'm really craving a cuppycake.

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