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When I can't sleep, which is most nights, I craft. I started out with the idea of making an ATC but it evolved into more of a mixed media piece incorporating a polymer clay experiment from a few days ago. I love this Christmas stamp and because it came from a card my mom sent me I felt like making something maternal and sweet.

The polymer clay mini frame was inspired by a pewter jewelry piece from artists Deryn Mentock and Lynn Davis. I used metallic acrylic paint and a gold rub to color the baked clay. I eventually want to add a darker pewter rub. I made the pattern by pressing the clay onto the photo frame in the background.

 It's hard to see here but some of the paper pieces have torn edges that I burned first. Then I sealed it in with a glaze.

This shows part of a page from the current issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry with the piece that inspired me to make something with polymer clay.

The top of a paper mache box was the right size to frame it. It was all very spontaneous. What I'm I learning is to just enjoy creating without wondering if I'll like it afterwards or what I'd like to do with it when it's done. Sometimes it's enough to just  be able to appreciate the moment.

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Incipient Wings said...

as you can see, I'm traveling here from the future!!!
your blog is better than any craft magazine out there!

i agree, appreciate the moment:)