more snow

Did you like the Snow White wedding photo shoot from my last post? Well apparently it's a pretty popular theme right now which makes sense with all the movies and fairytale themes out.

I just happened to find yet another gorgeous photo shoot to share.

I found this at elizabeth anne designs. 

This one pairs up the apple red and gold theme beautifully.

I really can't decide which one I like better. This one or the frosted white and silver theme I posted last time.

I'm a little partial to this one I think because I had a December wedding and the red reminds me of the English winter theme I did for mine. I wish I had thought of this back then!

Which Snow White wedding did you like better?

Frosted white or apple red?

You can go here to check out even more lovely pics.



Nadine A. said...

Hmm I think I would have to go with this Snow White Wedding. All the red is lovely and when looking through the other pictures I really like the slight autumn tones to the pictures and the more earthy feel.

Healing Woman said...

What a beautiful idea to have a Snow White wedding theme. I love the one on this post. It's magical and yet earthy. Your artwork is so over the top and exciting.

The Green Lady said...

I love them both, but would have to say the white one is my favorite! I had a fall wedding but my other choice was a pure white winter wedding! so beautiful.