waiting to bloom

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on your word for 2012. I love reading about what inspires you and why you decided on your word. I also want to say thank you for all your warm wishes and encouraging words. They mean the world to me.

I'm slowly finding my way back to my paints and brushes (under a thick layer of lint and dust that gathered on my work table) thanks to your support and most especially to the awesomely talented, amazing and magical Marfi who never gave up on me and gave me just the right kick when I needed it. She rocks!!

I still painted while I was away from my blog but the art that came out was dark and sad. This weekend I felt so much more hopeful and when I created this piece my son actually said it was nice to see me paint something happier for a change!

This is a self portrait in a way.

Much more hopeful, ready to dream again and patiently waiting for my heART to bloom.

Stay inspired and have a beautiful rest of the week.

Oh and by the way I think I picked my two words for 2012....


Magaly Guerrero said...

Stepping forward is always a bit more fun when there is frosting ;-)

Leanne said...

Love FORWARD and FROSTING . . . equally. Sending hugs your way.

Lisa said...

Two very nice words.

Queenie Believe said...

Forward Ho!! And would that be always keep a can of favorite frosting in refrig for emergencies :o)
So glad you are doing better.
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

Celia said...

Love your words and so glad to see you are painting again!! And YES Marfi does ROCK!!

Toriz said...

Good word choices! :)

And I'm glad you're feeling more hopeful and creating happier pieces of artwork! :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

This is such a sweet painting, Anna. I am so happy you have dusted-off you art supplies! I love your style. You truly have a gift! :D

Ricki Jill

Linda said...

I love your latest painting. She looks so very wise and happy.I am excited to see your new words. Not sure if you notest, but my word for 2012 is forward also. I am glad to see you are moving forward, I have been away from my art for a few weeks, only producing photos. This morning I got out my uniball pens and started doing doodles and zentangles. They are very relaxing and I hope to post some soon.
It iss very cold here..last night it was 8 above zero..can't wait till spring. I will write you soon. Please star and look forward.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful painting. I love all the colours. It really is a happy painting, a little dreamy ; )
I love your words for this year !!
The words that pop into my mind all the time are LOVE and MAGIC !!!
Have a magical day.

Anonymous said...

Your painting is gorgeous, Anna and I can truly see your self image within those deep soulful eyes of becoming. Very beautiful.

Love your words. May you always go forward, my lovely friend!

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Love your colorful blog. It is very nice. I added your link to my blog. I also paint mixed media angels and hope to get to know ya better. If you want, you can pop by my site and visit--Would love to have you. You could even become a follower, if you want to!!
Hope to chat again,