friday e coupons and fun faerie wands

Happy Friday again! The days go by just like that, don't they? Just a quickie post to share some stuff. I was at a Michaels store recently and saw that they're finally taking mobile coupons. Yay!! It's about time. So if your phone allows you to access your email and you signed up to receive their coupons, you won't have to print them out anymore. Save your ink for more important printing faeries and butterflies!

And speaking of faeries....

I'm really excited about Wendy's Spring Wand Swap at Bliss Angels. I think all the spots are filled up so you might want to check if you're still interested. I love wands...all sorts of them. I've made several Harry Potter ones for my son but faerie wands are so much more fun.

In fact, while I was wandering around Michaels looking for wand ideas, I saw this.

They had a whole rack of these ready made wands!
Cute, but I envision something a little grander for my swap partner!

Love the colors in this Sugar Plum Fairy costume but that wand is a little on the skimpy side. Or maybe it's just me and my more is more motto, lol.

I made this vintage Halloween wand last year for the Queen of Wonderland herself,

Anyway, I'll be thinking about wands and glue and glitter this weekend.
I hope your weekend is also sparkly and fabulous.


Diane Mars said...

Very fun, cannot wait to see what you come up with~

Faerie Moon Creations said...

A wand swap? How delightful!!! I know you will have a most fabulous time and come up with something enchantingly magical! :) Theresa

My name is Toni said...

thanks for the info regarding Michaels coupons. and I too love wands !!!! the bigger the better !!!!

goddessandmagick said...

Oh I love wands!! I will have to make one with " Wendy" for the challenge, Thanks for showing these wands ! Cute material.Always !!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Please show some pics of your Harry Potter wands...I have some small oak branches/twigs that I want to make into wizard wands.

Janet Ghio said...

How fun--fairy wands!! Wish I had known about the swap earlier!!

Mina said...

I love the wand you made Wendy last Halloween! It is so beautiful. I am pondering what decor to use on the spring wand swap myself. I am certain inspiration will hit soon!

B's Mom said...

I like the color scheme of the Sugar Plum Fairy, but I like my wands bigger and with more sparkle! :)